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MadlyInLove Posts: 529
Was reading the Samantha Brick thread and someone said she is not naturally attractive but makes the most of herself. i am naturally not unattractive (maybe bout a 7 out of ten :o0 at the maximum) I know I could make myself more attractive but i just couldnt be bothered every day. Due to the nature of my job I never wear make up during the week, tie my hair up out of my face, dont bother with fake tan, gel nails etc. I dress ok but probably could make more of an effort. I dont colour my hair. I could do with exercising more and toning up. I could do with exfoliating and moisurtising my skin more often. I do look after the skin on my face in terms of cleanse and moisturiser but I let me eyebrows go a bit wayward every so often. On the plus side though, people always comment on how good I look when I am dolled up for a wedding, special night out etc. Because I dont wear make up, have hair and tan done on a regular basis it makes a big difference when I do have them done IYKWIM. I have some friends who look the same all the time, whether they are going to the supermarket or to a wedding (just perhaps a bit better dressed) because they always have hair, make up and tan perfect. I prefer to leave it until special occasions to get really done up. Interested to hear others opinions. Do you think you optimise your looks??
Ellefun Posts: 1312
I'm in a funk at the moment so maintenance is the bare minimum. I don't wear make-up to work. I really only wear it for 'big' occassions. I have my hair coloured and cut every 8 weeks or so, cash flow allowing. I cleanse, wash my face and mousturise everyday. I exfoliate and moistourise my body every 2nd day. I don't do my hair, iykwim. I just brush it and tie it in a ponytail most days. I use Moroccan oil in my hair to de-frizz it and try to leave it down but I'm so used to it scraped off my face. I never blow dry my hair myself. As a rule I let it dry naturally. I'm quite pale and don't like fake tan. It's so noticeable on me and I'm not comfortable. Clothes wise I'm naturally drawn to labels but can never afford them and I don't like shopping so my wardrobe doesn't get a make over often. I probably don't make the most of myself. I should because a little goes a long way and I feel great when done to the 9s. I do get my upper lip waxed and eye brows shaped when I think of it... every few weeks. Come to think of it, my eyebrows are a bit unruly at the moment :-8
errigal08 Posts: 1302
R2theB Posts: 1660
Hmm, a little from column a and a little from column b. Day to day, I tie my hair up a lot, but can't have my hair hanging in my face working as a massage therapist, I wear a small amount of make-up; concealer, bronzer and mascara and my skincare regime is pretty solid. But I never wear fake tan, ever, never have manicured nails just keep them very short and tidy (again related to work), will treat myself to a pedicure a couple of times a year for holidays but that's it. I'm not great at exfoliating and moisturising my body but I do it when I remember. I put Nuxe dry oil in my hair twice a week to keep it nice and shiny. When I'm going out I'll spend time drying, straightening or making my hair wavy, loads more make-up, loving bright red lips at the moment and I like to dress up as I wear tracksuits so often during the week for work!
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
I go through phases of making the best of myself. Always if im going to a wedding or somewhere like that I will go all out. Nails, tan, hair done, make up the whole works but on a day to day basis im kinda lazy. Shower every day and always shave underarms but I def don’t exfoilate as much as I should. Never wear makeup to work and hair is usually pulled back in a pony tail or straightened from the night before if I was bored. I have very curly hair and it generally takes 2 hours to wash and straighten my hair - so this is a rare occasion! Always get my colour done when funds allow or when I just cant look at roots anymore. Moisturise my face every morning after shower. Exfoilate my face more than my body but its not as often as should be. Eyebrows and lip get waxed as they need done usually 2/3 weeks. Eyelashes get tinted when getting eyebrows done. Def need to pay more attention to diet and exercise. Every so often then im the complete opposite - Exfoilate and moisturise 2/3 times a week. Drink oceans of water everyday, cut the crap from diet no takeaways or junk Away walking in the mornings before work and again after Do tan and weekends and maintain during the week. Put leave in conditioner in my hair File and paint finger and toe nails Its from one extreme to the next with me - its all or nothing!
April13 Posts: 635
I Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise every night but only put tinted moisturiser on now everyday bcuz can’t leave house without people saying "r u ok, u look very pale" really wrecks my head... Tinted moisturiser is a new thing cuz I do find make up very heavy for during the day and I work in an Office and the heat in here would kill ya sometimes. But when I go out I do get compliments cuz I really go all out tan, make up, nails, hair etc.. I love getting ready to go out, I do feel great about myself.... "Men send bottles of champagne over" "Bartenders wont let me pay my bill" you no yourselves!!!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: [i:1wdp5ypd]I Wish [/i:1wdp5ypd]
MadlyInLove Posts: 529
Ya me too, I always feel so good about myself when I put in the effort but jaysus I just couldnt keep up that level of maintenance every day. also meant to add i am not the best to keep myself hair free. My legs dont get as regular a shave as they should :-8 However I do shower almost every day, I love being really fresh and clean. I am sometimes envious of people that look well groomed all the time, I just couldnt be bothered. I would prefer an extra half an hour in bed in the morning :o0
April13 Posts: 635
+1 Madly in love Eh shave, mayb 1 a week, sumtimes once a fortnight... I dont have much hair neways but im a very lazy person, it kills me to cleanse, tone, moisturise b4 i go to bed..... reaching over to put retainer in, ah would ya quit!!!! Its not actually that im lazy i just do b wrecked goin to bed!!!! :-8
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
I'd be a middle of the road type of gal. Not pristine - out of a magazine but not going to the chipper in my pjs eiter :yelrotflmaosmilie: Hair - get it cut and coloured every 3 months or so. Usually let it dry naturally with a bit of moose (mousse?, can't spell!) I wear a little foundation, mascara and a bit of blusher everyday and to be honest don't do much extra if it's a special occassion other than eyeshadow and lippie. (I nearly died when I saw all the makeup the MUA put on my face at my make up trial but took a few photos and it looked fab so maybe I should wear a bit more make up day to day!) With my clothes, I do like to wear dresses even when casual and I'm all about the blouses and ankle length pants at the mo (if the weather would play along!).
Steph2 Posts: 1044
I'm brutal when it comes to taking care of myself. Most of time, I show up for work looking like a homeless person!! Usually, when I get to my desk, I slap on a wee bit of concealer under the eyes, and a slick of vaseline on my lips, and that's it, I'm done for the day :-8 I exfoliate twice a week, but only because if I didn't, I would have mega problems with my skin. Shaving of the legs is not carried out half as often as it should be. Sometimes I let them get into a shameful state. It's just so much of an effort like. Hair is always tied up in a ponytail unless I'm going somewhere nice. I don't colour it, and it falls straight and sleek naturally so thankfully I don't have to pay a huge amount of attention to it anyway. Even when I do try to make it look all fresh and bouncy, it lasts about 10 seconds - so it's not even laziness, there's actually just no point. When I'm going out, I'll make the effort, wear something nice and slap on a bit of make up, and yeah I scrub up ok when I've done that. I couldn't wear make up on my face during the day, or at work. I'd feel WAY overdone! ;o)