do you mind me asking-what is ye're budget for nursery furni

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pie Posts: 61
This might be personal question- but with the budget news and everything, i am trying to decide on how much I should put aside for the nursery furniture. I was in mamas and papas last weekend, and they have beautiful sets.. Saw a few sets..This one works out about 570 euro (30% discount) for cotbed, changer and shelf.. which isnt too bad.. The set I really really feel in love with, is very steep to put it mildly.. Trying to make a good economic decision on what i should buy, and not let heart rule over head..This is first baby, and please god, if we are lucky enough will have a second child..and will use the same furniture again.. Then saw this cot in mothercare, which is on the much cheaper end of the scale..know if its just a cot, but as I said may need it for another baby.. ... niqueID=12 As its first baby, trying to get idea of all costs that come with baby, and whats reasonable to spend on the furniture.. Just wanted to hear what ye are doing? Is mamas and papas worth the money? Is it more durable etc..
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
It's costing us nothing! :o0 We got the cot second hand from a friend, and MIL has offered to buy us a little set of drawers and wardrobe for the room as well, and we already have a rocking chair, so that's the room sorted!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
im getting cot from mothercare for 200 euro ish (inc matress), getting a wardrobe built-costing a fair bit (bout 700) and have a little chest of drawers that im painting white to match the cot and wardrobe.... then there's the nursery theme, went to mothercare up north and although they didn't have everything in stock id say it was about 250 euro for all the decorations (curtains, lightshade etc)
jess08 Posts: 481
Dont think we spent any money!!! We were very lucky though, MIL bought cot (200 incl mattress), friends all grouped together to buy changing table, borrowed mosses basket and i painted a couple of old chest of drawers and a blanket box to match. Got everything in wood or cream tones so we will use it again when we hopefully have another. And the changing table & mosses basket has been used since by other friends. Dont think you need to spend much if you dont have it!
Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi pie, we went with Mamas & Papas furniture, we got the Ocean range in golden oak ... -oak/2700/ We ordered it up North when the conversion rate was favourable and it should be delivered (hopefully) next week. Like you we looked around for ages in M&P, Mothercare, Smiths etc but we went with M&P in the end because the furniture seemed sturdier and heavier and we figured we'll get a good few years out of it (planning on having more children after this and also cot is a cotbed so can be used up to when the child is 4). Besides hubby didn't like any of the other cots and we both loved this range. I know it worked out dearer than a lot of people have spent on their nursery (and we're not loaded or anything - i wish!) but we wanted to indulge on this baby as s/he is our first and we wanted something that lasted. We got their interior collections as well, we went up north again 2 weeks ago and ordered nearly every item of the Once Upon a Time collection ... time/2970/ but that's a different topic.. Perhaps consider going up north and keep an eye on the conversion rates.. it's much cheaper up there 570 for cot, changes and shelf is very good! But if you love the other range, don't be afraid to enquire up north to see how much it is and what's the best they can do (they have a recession too!). The retailers we got the furniture from are called Bumps & Babies and they're in Newry (you can just ring them up and see how much they charge for that range you like). For the interiors we had to go to Mamas & Papas in Belfast. HTH
neeov Posts: 4256
I think the dresser with doors is less versatile than the one with drawers. I recycled old furniture we already had (apart from the cot) and when I know if its a by or girl it will get decorated so it all matches. I have a sofa bed (for feeding), set of shelves and a dresser with drawers. Net cost = €0. Very recession friendly. I went for a solid wood cot rather than painted as painted ones are often MDF which gives off lots of chemicals. I would not be too bothered about having the perfect nursery, its hard to keep them looking cute and tidy anyhow. Babies like lots of strong colors and we prefer the dainty whites and creams.