Do you need to buy a chair for breastfeeding

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
Have been looking online at some of the nice glider type chairs and footstools and wonder if these are good. We only have two large sofas and no armchair in our living room so I think I might need to get a chair of some sort. is it worth investing in one specifically for feeding?
Barbalou Posts: 1617
No I don't think it's necessary, it's more a nice to have. I'm going to invest in one of those pillow things that wrap around you and support baby rather than a chair.
SaJa Posts: 4282
I'm gonna get a glider chair and foot stool for when I'll be b'feeding but thats only because I really want one, I don't think they are a necessity.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
my sil has one and she used it once. she got one of those cushions that goes around her and she uses that all the time. But i have to say the chairs are very nice. i always use it when i am in her house :-8
sinion Posts: 6050
I'll just be using my dream genii (sp) pillow as it wraps around you after birth for bf, can take it anywhere with me then.
baby08 Posts: 181
i use a recliner armchair and have to say it's brilliant. don't bother buying one of those chairs as i think you need something really comfy so an armchair is fine with lots of pillows
silíní Posts: 4219
To be honest i'd have bought a chair if i had room in the house. I find it dificult to find a really comfy position. I have a 'my brest friend' cushion which is great when out visiting or if you only have unsuitable chairs. I sit on the sofa with cushions behind me and supporting my arm, and at night i just sit up in bed with lots of cushions behind me and one supporting my arm. Never got into doing it lying down as afraid i'll fall asleep....
Perci Posts: 3847
BFing didn't work out for me but I ended up buying a comfy glider chair and footstool for DS's room for his bedtime feed (he was in his own room at 3.5mths). We still use it for his bedtime bottle now or if he wakes up and just needs a hug *) so it has gotten alot of use. Definitely not a 'must-have' but I'm glad we bought it.
babyboo08 Posts: 295
Hi Girls, :wv where would i get a dream genii pillow? thanks, GC :compress
babyboo08 Posts: 295
Sorry double post :eek