Do you need to wash baby things for hospital bag?

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vanillamum Posts: 29
Just wondering I am getting all the bits and pieces gathered for the hospital bags and wanted to know are you all washing the new babygros, vests etc before the baby will be wearing them?? I bought fairy non-bio to wash the stuff but then wasn't sure if i needed to?? Thanks :thnk
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I'm not washing them. I've taken the stuff I've bought out of the packets and put them in a drawer for now.
tipperarygal Posts: 482
Hi Vanillamum, I would definately wash them all as you don't know what chemicals they were exposed to already or even how long they have been in the plastic packet. They also smell much nicer after you wash them yourself. I used the fairy non-bio washing liquid and fabric softener. I think I spent about 3 days washing and drying everything including stuff I borrowed from friends. Get some benefit out of the good weather at the moment and put them on the washing line as I found this really softened them up. Happy washing :wv
SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
I asked this question on my due date board and it just seems to be what you're happy with yourself. In the end I decided to not wash anything new that came in a sealed package, some people wash everything and some don't. So you're not being neglectful if you don't, it's just a personal decision. I had bought fairy non-bio and comfort pure to wash them all and my Mam just asked was I crazy so I started asking around and it's pretty much a 50/50 divide between the washers and the non-washers!
vanillamum Posts: 29
Thanks very much, my mum was the same Pretzel she thought i was mad at the notion of washing them which is what was putting me in two minds... :wv
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
When I was pregnant on DS I washed everything before he wore them (even the Muslin cloths which I then proceeded to iron *) ) So I think I'll have to wash everything for this baby too as I'd feel guilty that I was doing extra for DS than I have done for this baby (mental, I know). I prewashed everything for DS till he was about 6 months old. Really and truely I don't know what I was thinking. All the extra work I drew on myself. Now I'll have to do it for new baby too.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
you dont have too but often the babies whoose clothes arent washed first get a little rash from the chemicals in the clothes making progress.... at least its not as bad as clothes from a smokers house its horrible to smell the smoke on baby clothes :o(
SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
[quote="sparklybabe":1pon7wsh]at least its not as bad as clothes from a smokers house its horrible to smell the smoke on baby clothes :o([/quote:1pon7wsh] MIL got me some gorgeous baby cardigans but the woman who knit them smoked, so she suggested I just rinse them with a little comfort and then stick them in the washing machine to spin the water out, and now they smell divine!! I just think that if I start washing everything now, I'll never be done.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
yeah its a completely personal thing though i dont think theres anything wrong with not washing them
draiocht Posts: 483
Its a personal choice, but if you weigh up the chemicals in the making of the clothes and the chemicals in the washing powder, there may not be much difference, just different chemicals!