Do you prefer to drink white wine or red wine

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barley Posts: 858
I'm trying to find out the general percentage of red or white wine drinkers on this site so that I can try and figure out whether we need more red them white or vice versa. So Do you prefer red or white wine?
noc Posts: 1802
Used to only drink red. Now I've turned into possibly more of a white fan (though I do still love a good rioja). However, most people, in my experience anyway, prefer red. Our hotel manager also found this and advised us to go with two-thirds red wine and one third white as far as I remember (not sure)...
barley Posts: 858
Thanks noc, I would have thought that too but with changing tastes and more wines being available here in Ireland, I thought I'd ask here to see what you all think. I love a Rioja as welland hate white wine now but I did drink it in my 20s.
pallouie Posts: 21
White wine all the way for me......Cannot do red at all...... O-O
NowGone Posts: 8042
It depends on whether I'm having food with my wine, what that food is and the time of the year.
barley Posts: 858
Ok, to make it easier. The wedding is the 4th October and we're serving a choice between lamb and seabass.
NowGone Posts: 8042
[quote="Barley":19wgtw4n]Ok, to make it easier. The wedding is the 4th October and we're serving a choice between lamb and seabass.[/quote:19wgtw4n] Oooooooooh, I don't know which I'd pick. It's Autumn, so I'd like Red, but I'd probably eat the SeaBass......On balance, I'd go for white. I'd suspect you'd need 60:40 white:red for your Menu, something like that.
snookums Posts: 197
I'm white wine all the time maybe on a very rare occassion i'd drink 1 glass of red with dinner but i'd rather polish off a bottle of white. We are going 60:40 white : red
she Posts: 3298
im white but i keep meaning to try out red, will soon
23skidoo Posts: 1272
rosé :o0