Do you send invitations to people who you know can’t come ?

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LuckyBride09 Posts: 83
Just wondering, do you send invitations out to people that you know cannot come to the wedding. I sent my invitations out a couple of weeks ago, but there were people who I knew were not able to come and I didn’t send them out an invite – is this the correct thing to do ? Just would hate for someone to say she never invited me. Any suggestions thank you
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
I think it's a personal choice really, but you know what some people are like! They'll say "sure I wasn't invited"! Have they said they def can't come or are they abroad so you are assuming? Reason I ask is, this happened my sister. People came who she thought def wudn't! Personally, I think I would send them anyway. hth!
friday bride Posts: 111
I also know of people that will not be able to come to my wedding but i am sending them an invitation anyway. Just incase situations change and they can come and also just to let them know that i would have liked them there on the day. When i am budgeting and making my list for the hotel i have a list of who is being invited and a list of who is likely to come.
stephyb Posts: 1439
this is the way i'm doing it if i've actually talked to the person i.e. my great gran and they've said ''i'm not coming'' then i've said to them, oh i won't send you an invite then, it would be a waste of a stamp, but then i have an uncle in canada and i'm thinking to myself, he's never going to come in a million years but hey i never know lol
LuckyBride09 Posts: 83
Hi Mrs. Meow I'm going to go with your method. Thanks for all your suggestions girlies
she Posts: 3298
I knew there were certain people that wouldnt be going to ours but i still sent out an invite. I think it's nice to send it.
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
I know some people who wont be able to make it to our wedding but going to send them an invite anyway.
jen09 Posts: 1390
I have had a few "ah not sure" responses to our wedding so sending invites to everyone
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
Think i wld send them invites anyway coz at least then they couldn't say they weren't invited nd it gives them a chance to refuse properly!!!! Hth :wv :wv
chaos Posts: 1904
i knew there was a bunch who wont come, but i still sent them an invite, you never know, they might come. since getting the invite 1 or 2 have said they might come now!