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Duncelt Posts: 460
have to pay for ante natal classes or are they free?
StayShiny Posts: 1078
there are free ones for all the public maternity hospitals you'll get details directly from your chosen one there are also classes you can do, if you wanna do them in just a day, for which you can pay as they privately run by midwives
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
depends on the hosp but my friend had her baby in the Rotunda there a few months ago and the private ones were about e200. Reckon it depends wat type you do and where you do them!
Ellore Posts: 46
[color=indigo:20csxczq]I did mine in Holles Street - they were every Tuesday for about an hour and a quarter for 5 weeks. You're entitled to time off work for a set of classes and they're free. If you'd rather get it overwith in one longer session, say on a Saturday, you'd have to pay, though I'm not sure how much or if you can do this in Holles Street.[/color:20csxczq]