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wifin Posts: 4761
...the pages in my mass booklet stick out a little bit out of the cover? I am not sure if i have the will to go and guillotine the edges off them all but if the concensus is that it looks shocking i will *) [img:29a20zzi][/img:29a20zzi]
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
it looks fine...nothing major... they look BEAUTIFUL by the way,,,people wont notice.. xx
Bubski Posts: 1785
They are grand as they are, no one will notice as R&R said. Well done! they are very pretty
BrideBetty Posts: 172
I'd say Leave 'em they're fantastic!
wifin Posts: 4761
thank you *) i had read lots of posts with people cutting off the edges and i started to get really paranoid! My boss (got married there a while ago) was totally and utterly disorganised with her wedding planning - she even cut off the edges so i was thinking i must be too involved and can't notice anymore!
SPARKS Posts: 43
Really pretty booklets! I cut the edge of mine as the inside pages stuck out by a mile..Bad workmanship ( I did them myself!) However if they had turned out as well as yours I would not have needed to! Leave them..They look great!!
april09babs Posts: 926
Leave them be. they look really well. Noone will notice if the pages stick out a small bit.
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Leave them be - they look great!! Well done! [url=][img:ojbeoxmd][/img:ojbeoxmd][/url:ojbeoxmd] :o)ll
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
They're grand, leave em be. Very pretty though - fair play to you for making them!
wifin Posts: 4761
thanks a million girls :thnk think i'll just leave them as they are, have only a third of my favour bags made so have to get back to work on them!