Do you think the wedding fairs are worth going along to?

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Welsh goddess Posts: 370
Would you all agree or disagree that wedding fairs are worth going along to?
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
I think they are definately worth going to. But after 3 or 4 they seem to be all the same!!
MRS.C2B Posts: 408
Been to a few, if you have money to put deposits off things you may or may not get a deal or 2, iv never ended up booking anything at them but lots do and get moeny off, I do however go to the one in my hotel as it gets me all excited to see the room all done for the weddings lol
ame10 Posts: 209
Go to the one in your hotel. If they are doing a new deal or something extra that they were not doing when you booked your wedding go talk to someone then and there and you should get it too.
Welsh goddess Posts: 370
I am definitely going to the one in my hotel to see can I get any local suppliers with some good deals and yeah I love the feeling of going in and seeing the room all decorated like it will be on my big day!! We are also going to get to see the bridal suite which I didnt get to see the day we provisionally booked the hotel. Have any of you been to The Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links wedding fair? Its on now again on 5th April. Princess83 where are you getting married?
Twirler Posts: 1644
Yes, but only one at the start to get information and then if you have a particular supplier in mind it can be useful to get discounts.