do you thinkhubby will like it??

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happywife Posts: 1575
as some of ye may have seen I'm trying to plan his bday present for after christmas - have come up with an idea so here it goes - 2 nights in London really plush hotel, go to one of Gordon Ramseys restaurants the first night which be his bday maybe the london eye after with champers- and then on the next night go to see Lord of The Rings at Drury Lane I'm not a fan but he loves it - works out around €1200 I reckon Or Bite the bullet go skiing its just over €2,000 again really nice hotel but I'm just not sure ?? Help :wv
smartie pants Posts: 842
Go by what you can afford I'd say. It's a big price difference. On another note, can I come and live with you? Now that's the kind of pressie I'd like. pity my h2b doesn't agree! :o0 :o0
sue27 Posts: 604
Personally I wouldn't have the money for either, but if that's the amount you are willing to spend, I think London is a lovely idea. Sounds fab. I'd love to go to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, so if he's a fan, I am sure he will totally love it. Go for it!!!
newkid30 Posts: 2233
The London idea is lovely, so much thought put into it. Skiing is fab too, but I think he'd be really touched by the thought and effort of the first option. Plus you might spemn more quality couple time than if yeah went skiing. Either option would be fantsatic, he's a lucky guy!!
Angel* Posts: 625
If it was my h2b I'd go with the first one. I think it's so thoughtful! Ah you're such a nice wifey :o)ll
Delish Posts: 4176
I'ld do the London thing, you can go skiing anytime. So thoughtful and romantic, well done.
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
Id go with London too.. dont go to gary rhodes restaurant. my tummy was sick after going there. would love to try gordons place. have fun!
willful Posts: 6822
God, if I wasn't straight and married-I'd marry you :o0 :o0 :o0
happywife Posts: 1575
thanks girls - i wouldnt really spend that kind of money usually but he is adamant he doesnt want a party and just really want to mark the occasion he has surpsied me loads of times - I'd love to throw him a big party but he didnt even have a 21st or anything just not into being centre of attention so figured the money I would have spent on party would go towards his present instead - might have a family meal the weekend after in the house - think I misread london eye thing its £400 for private capsule so you can share one and get chapers for 40pp - wondering can you not bring your own thought I might get the mini moets - I'm a cheapskate I know :o0 Oh that price includes Price of meal anyway rough budget so not too bad
TokenMale Posts: 6845
[quote="happywife":syypooid]go to one of Gordon Ramseys restaurants[/quote:syypooid] Which one are you thinking of, Royal Hospital Road, Claridges or another?