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twinbambinos Posts: 3492
appartently it has been recorded that the number of people saving anything has hit its lowest record ever. Something like 1-10 people are saving where as the rest are not. I suppose so many people are living day to day these days they just dont have that extra cash to save. For those not saving does it worry you not having any savings? I try and save a bit every month now its not as much as it use to be but I do try and put something away every month justs for back up incase I need something down the line..In our house growing up saving was a huge thing, we had to put some money from communtion/confirmation etc into savings account and I know my mother use to always put something away even if it was only a fiver so I suppose it was drilled into me to have a rainy day fund. I know some of my friends even in the good ould days would never have saved and defiantly wouldnt now even though some could afford to. Do you think its important to save if you can?
Reston Posts: 1321
I would love to be able to save but we've just had so much going out and we are living on DH's wages. I'm due to start work soon so we'll have a lot more disposable income and be able to save. I think its important to save for what you want rather than buy on credit.
mammy2011 Posts: 1388
Ya we save a bit. I would hate to have nothing at all behind us. That being said its not much, we've married, moved house and had a child in last few years so we've been spending! I am way more conscious now of saving than i ever was, and save more now than i ever did. This embarrasses me a bit because i earn less and have way less disposable income now!
chick2012 Posts: 584
Yup,saving about 1500e between us evry month for wedding and after wedding in a few months we will continue to save until we have a pretty good nest egg.. Will treat ourselves to a nice holiday nxt yr hopefully. We dont have high paying jobs, just are very good money managers and dont waste money.. the most etravagant thing we would do every wk is get a takeaway for 20e but im happy with that! O:o) It would definitly worry me not to have a nest egg , unfortunately for some people they are stretched beyond their means ;o(
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
I have a direct debit set up and even with all the other expenses have kept saving the same amount. As a result I don't have a lot left over but enough to live in a manner which suits me if that makes sense. We bought house, got married and had a baby all within 12 months and I was panicking about my savings getting depleted even though I still had half my savings left after the wedding. Between us I think we have enough to cover us for a year if we were to lose our jobs.
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
I have direct debit set up and have continued to save the same amout from this as I always would have had, i use to then put extra money away depending on the month adn what expenses I had, but now having had two babies in the last year I dont always get to put the extra bit away but would never dream of not saving anything . I just feel more secure knowing I have a bit put aside should we need it!
Lucy Jordan Posts: 459
starting this week going to set up a dd to my savings a/c haven't paid into it since 2009 :-8 the amount will be small but better to have something put away i have joint savings with dh but we don't touch it, he is self-employed you never know what is around the corner so its there to cover mortgage repayments for a year or so should anything happen i would love to be able to save more but have so many outgoings the money just isn't there
reine Posts: 1771
I would love to be able to save, but any spare cent we have had for the last while has been going on fertility treatment, so saving is impossible at the moment. I need a new car (my old banger is falling apart) and there are lots of other things we need money for, but just don't have it at the moment. Having said that, I think it's very important to strike a balance. None of us are here forever, so saving every last cent for a 'rainy day' could prove futile. I think having a bit put by is important, but having tens/hundreds of thousands in your bank account when you're an aul one and can't enjoy it, is pointless.
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
We have started again now that I have started working again. And we plan on getting married next year too :o)ll
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
We have savings but lately haven't been able to add much to it. Living month to month at the mo. saving ds's children's allowance for activities like his swimming (and underwater photoshoot), and his clothes and all, so that it's (mostly) spent on him (has paid the credit card a couple of times, but I think he'd be ok with that!