Do you use your gas fire regularly?

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TracyBarlow Posts: 943
For those of you that have gas fires, do you use them every night during the winter, same as if you had an open fire, and do you find they really push your gas bill up? Our rented house has a gas fire and gas heating, but the fire has been out of action since we moved in, it needs to be repaired, but im wondering if i will end up using it loads if i have it repaired and have huge gas bills as a result? Id love to have it pulled out and an open fire put in, but i doubt the LL will go for that. :weep
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
We have a gas fire and have it on a bit, but not every night. Find the central heating is enough. It IS nice on a particularly cold day! We used it a bit over last winter when the weather was really bad. Generally we find our gas bills are about €60 - €70 per month? We've a gas hob, gas central heating and gas fire. Why not get your landlord to fix it and try it out for the first two months, see what the bill is like and if it's sky high, stop using it?
Momof2 Posts: 3884
We never use it!! I hate it its one of those things on my long list I'd like to change in the house. Think they are meant to be hard on gas but tbh I find the central heating is good enough..although I would like it on christmas time but only coz I don't have a real one :o(
lux Posts: 6270
I have one in my house (we're moving into it after the wedding) and its the one thing I really miss in our apartment. My tenants don't use it because they think it pushes the bills up but I would totally budget for it as I love an instant fire when I get home! Can't wait for the nice fire next winter.
TracyBarlow Posts: 943
To be honest, its probably more the look of the fire i miss, as the room is not cold when the heating is on. :o0 SmileyKaz those are pretty cheap gas bills! :eek The house im in is big, with a lot of rooms to heat, even though ive a few rads off the bills are still much higher than that. :eek Do you have a gas hob too? edit, just saw you do. Think its time i turned off a few more rads!