Do you want to know the sex of your baby?

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MrsDelight Posts: 206
Hi Ladies, Just curious how many wants to know the baby's sex? I personally wants to know the sex as I wouldnt be able to wait and I think it would be convienient too when preparing for the arrival. :wv
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
you should stick up a poll, will help with seeing results quickly! we not finding out! its amazing how many ppl say oh really? not finding out? why?? i cant wait for the surprise at finding out! maybe for the second one but def not this one!
MrsDelight Posts: 206
lol dont know how to make a poll heheh
BusyDee Posts: 8527
We found out, Id never have lasted until the birth!! We were supposed to find out at 19 week scan but cord was between the babies legs so he couldnt tell so had to wait another 6 weeks till next scan, found out then. Said I wouldnt go too mad buying pink or blue incase he was wrong but sure I ended up buying half of next in the sale!!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
This is something I was amazed that I was asked by people from the very minute I announced my pregnancy! I hadn't even thought about it! I had started out not wanting to know but in the end I caved! My biggest reason wasn't really organisation but I felt it helped my DH relate to the baby more. I'm not sure it has made me bond with Baby any more than I would if I didn't know as some on here say. Many wollies feel it does. I'm less sure personally. I feel I already have a relationship with him because I am experiencing the pregnancy and my little one moving and kicking. For DH I do think that knowing made the baby more real for him and he is better able to visualise his little son to be. It's hard for the men to get involved during the pregnancy in a way and I am glad we found out as a way of including him more. There are certainly organisational advantages but it wasn't my sole reason. I will not be painting the nursery blue and will still buy lots of neutral babygros so (please God) I can use them all again if I have a girl down the road! It is a big help to cut the name list in half though!! It's a very personal decision though and I honestly hadn't a clue myself until the day of my 20 week scan.
silverlight Posts: 628
I didn't find out on DS & won't be finding out this time either. Don't get me wrong, I am normally the most impatient person in the world (I have been known to flick to the end of a book or googling the end of a film cos I can't stand not knowing... :-8 ) but I just want to keep this as a surprise. A friend told me she regretted finding out & wouldn't again & that was on my mind, but then I know people that did find out & were pleased they did.
queenmama Posts: 418
I hadn't intended to find out but couldn't contain myself!! OH wanted to know also so we found out a few weeks back. It has helped us both relate to the pregnancy more but we haven't bought any colour specific items as of yet (bar a pink pair of UGGs I couldnt leave behind!!) just in case it's wrong and all our equipment is neutral in case I ever decide to go again >:o) It's a personal choice and when anyone asks if we know I say no as I don't want to share it and people are so nosy!!!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
TBH I dont feel it made me bond more either, I thought it would. Im almost afraid to bond too much with it being the sex we were told (sorry dont want to say which on here incase anyone knows me as we arent telling anyone!) just incase its wrong! We still refer to it as the baby rather than he/she!. Im glad we found out though and probably would again.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
[quote="mamahopes":3a0pblwb] It's a personal choice and when anyone asks if we know I say no as I don't want to share it and people are so nosy!!![/quote:3a0pblwb] One nosey bat asked me did I know and for divilment I just said "Yes, we do." and left her hanging! >:o) None of her business!! We have told close family but I was just feeling bold that day cos she was annoying me!
anika Posts: 2194
Delphinum, you bold girl :o0 But honestly, it's nobodies businness anyway. And it sounds like something i would say if i get annoyed >:o) Back to the OP question. With our first pregnancy we did not want to find out, as first of all we didn't care what comes out as long as babs is healthy. And second of all we wanted the surprise effect. Now on my second pregnancy i am more inclined to find out. Hubby doesn't want to know. So don't know yet what we will do. I have a very strong feeling of what we are having, so finding out would just confirm it for me (or not if i am wrong).