do you wonder if you will be a good mum?

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
I hope I will but sometimes you do think will I be able to handle everything....I was speaking to a friend she has a baby and her son had his first tantrum, she said she just didn't know what to do or how to react. I suppose it is a learning experience. I hope I will be just like my mam, she is my best friend and I can tell her anything. Do you think your hubby will be a good father? My hubby is so good, he nearly puts me to shame, he is so comfortable around babies...sometimes I feel a bit akward. We have a little puppy and she was a year old yesterday so he went to the shop got her two toys and nice food and an icecream cake, we had a little party just the three of us......little things like that, just makes me think he is going to be the best dad ever......can't wait to have his baby. I wasn't the only lucky one last night I got a bunch of flowers roses and lillies my fav :action31 x
lamb nose Posts: 679
I sincerely hope I will be a good mum. I know this sounds terrible but I will be doing things differently to how I was bought up. We were never encouraged to do anything and were never allowed to do any activities after school even when my teacher noticed that I was excelling at a particular sport and asked if I would like to try out for the Community games but my parents said no! Complete sob story here but also we were never hugged (I can not remember ever being hugged or kissed by my Mother) or praised and I made a promise to myself years ago that if I was ever blessed with kids that I would be there for them 100% and would hug them and praise them every single day.
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Naturally I also hope I will be a good mammy some day, and like lamb nose there are things I hope I will do different to the way we were brought up. My mam gave up work after my eldest sister was born ''to raise the children'' and daddy worked and even though we had everything and she was there all the time for us its now I see that she let her friends slip for us and now at 60 odd years of age mam doesnt have much contact with her friend (also she was an only child) and mam and dad dont have what you would call a social life either as they lived thru us but we are all grown up now and its just them. I would hope also that we will be easy going parents and while I want to keep manners on our kids I hope we will be able to have a ''friends'' relationship with them when they are older - like hubbys parents are with all their kids.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i definatly hope il be a good mummy one day, id be afraid i wouldnt know what to do please god when i have a baby, although i know it all comes naturally. i would worry that i wouldnt be doing things right, my mam+dad did a great job in bringing us up and i would want to do it the same as them. they always encouraged us to do things, and get whatever we needed, they forked out for trips and dance costumes. i still feel now weve got somewhat of a head start and leg up on things. they are extremely good. h2b would make a fantastic dad, he loves kids and cant wait until we have some of our own please god. id say he would be a real capture everything on a camera dad.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I have no idea what I'll be like, and I do worry on and off. I'm not what I would call mad about kids and have very little hands-on experience of them. To be honest, sometimes other people's kids freak me out when they start having tantrums etc! However, I know I am a good person, mature (ish), patient, funloving, fair-minded and sensible (about most things), which I think is a good start. I 'm trying to focus on the positive here in case you think I have a big ego (I'm also forgetful, disorganized etc but we won't go into that!) After that, I'll be relying on tips from the two grannies (though I wouldn't necesarily agree with their style of parenting) and of course "Supernanny"!