Do your family like your husband/h2b?

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Jawl Posts: 8881
Did your other half gel with your family straight away, or was it a gradual thing? Sometimes I feel that if I'm giving out to h2b over something, my mother takes his side and says I'm being unfair :o0 So you can guess how they get on! :o0 Do they blend in nicely with your immediate/extended family? Or are things akward? And vice versa? How did you find things with the IL's to begin with, and now?
Yeah my family really like h2b. They think he is very different than other boyfriends I have been with as he is a hell of a lot more sensible but they feel this is a good thing. He gelled with my brother straight away and we have been on holiday with my little sis and her boyfriend too and he has now chosen him to be his groomsman. He also gets on very well with mam and dad. I get on very well with his parents too, although I did have serious issues last year when they kept coming to stay for weeks on end without asking if this was convenient for us. We had to have a talk with them about this but hasn't been awkward since thank god. I love his little sis as she is very easy going. His other sister I get on well with too but find her a bit serious for her age. His brother we hardly ever see as he is the party animal extradanaire and therefore we may see him once a year. So all in all its a happy little partnership x
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Have to say we get on v well with each others' families, which is great. My mum is like yours Jawl... think she prefers OH to me!! He plays up to it, by being a good SIL-in-training (i.e. suck up!). It's all done in good humour though.
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
They looooooooooove him. Love him love him love him, maybe even more than me! My Dad in particular, thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They all get on great, but H2B would get on with anyone, he's just so affable. Me and the inlaws on the other left unsaid :o0 Ah they're bearable in [size=50:2fk7xv6e]very small[/size:2fk7xv6e] doses but FMIL in particular has said some very hurtful things to me in the past that I find hard to let go and FFIL is just not a nice person. We're all civil with each other but we'll never have the same sort of relationship that H2B has with my family. Funny story actually, H2B and I had gone out for a drink in the pub where my brother works. My Mam was driving through the town when we were leaving so she picked us up. When H2B got into the car my Mam says "Well, how is my son?" and H2B goes "Aw, you think of me as your son?". My Mam was like " actual son, who is working in the pub..." :o0 H2B was mortified!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
[quote="Jawl":1hmyvomg]Sometimes I feel that if I'm giving out to h2b over something, my mother takes his side and says I'm being unfair :o0 So you can guess how they get on! :o0 [/quote:1hmyvomg] My mother and father always take DH's side, he cant do no wrong in their eyes, Id even go so far to say that he was to have an affair they'd probably blame me :o0 :o0 , Thankfully we both get on really well with each others families, Ive lived with DH since he was 17 and i was 18 (lived in my parents) infact I was out for lunch and furniture shopping with his brother the other day. Id hate to have a strained relationship with our families.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
My parents love DH.... probably more than me too! I think it's great they get on..... they always have too.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
they like him more than me! :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 think its terrible that a lot of people on wol seen to really dislike/hate their in laws. i think mine are great!
coldpants Posts: 57
My family love him, he is best friends with my brother. They spend more time together than we do. Really! My mam has great time for him, she loves cooking for him!! Just as well someone does. I get on great with his too. Thank god.