do your symptoms improve as you move into your 12thweek

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babyluck Posts: 764
the reason I ask is I have only one symptom constipation (sorry) :-8 (I know I am lucky - but in some ways its the only one letting me know I am pregnant) and this symptom has alleviated somewhat over the past few days actually the sore boobs are not so sore but I kinda expected that I had a scan at 9+4 wk and am having another in 6 days time so am nervous about a missed m/c so did your symptoms improve moving into the 12th week? just would hate to get a shock next week. thanks girls :thnk
esmum Posts: 426
my symptoms didnt disappear when I reached 12 weeks exactly but maybe around week 13-14 I felt like my old self and not really pregnant at all bar getting up to go to the toilet twice a night. I think its natural to worry about stuff my heart was beating as mad as the babys at the first scan. For constipation I cant recommend linseed enough. One spoon in a youghurt for a couple of days . then every second or third day and you should really notice an improvement. hth
coconut Posts: 2183
i had the same thing and it comes and goes now, i found eating a few prunes or kiwi's in the day that they really help keep it in control!!
yellow08 Posts: 104
Hi babyluck I have a few symptoms, a lot of nausea, freezing cold, tiredness, but the constipation is the one thing that is really getting me down. I am taking lactulose, when I can. But I often feel too sick to take it. I am taking linseed too when I remember to, and branflakes and all-bran. My doc did give enima's to use (not sure how to spell it). Haven't used one yet but think I'll have to soon (sorry tmi). I am hoping its safe to use them.
babyluck Posts: 764
so coconut did your symtoms come and go too? thanks for the tips girls but as it is subsiding I am wondering if that is a reflection on the pregnancy "failing" or progressing god will we ever stop worrying - well me anyways! :o0
coconut Posts: 2183
yeah i had really bad ms well all day long and it started to go at 12 wks!!! The constipation is gone for the most part but it does come back at times and all i eat a few prunes and it really helps! i was very bad could not go to the loo for days and would end up vomiting cos i was not get rid of anything out of my body! :-8 I went to the doc at 11+wks cos the pains were so bad but he told me to get more fibre and eat more prunes!! it really helped me! I hope this helps u!
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
My MS didn't go til nearer wk 17/18.. and i'm still taking fybogel..
Martiespride Posts: 997
my sympotoms of morning sickness aks all day sickness, constipation, nose bleeds and blocked nose have lasted until week 18. the nose bleeds are still there every morning!!