docs checking which way baby is lying

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
my gp is the only one thats checked so far and she only check how high up my uterus is but in the hospital yesterday and a midwife and later a doc checked but they were feeling all over my bump and holy crap they press in hard don't they? i got a bit of a fright. i panic if i lean on my bump against a countertop or desk too much without realising! do they do this often from this stage onwards?
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Hi baby. At my last visit at 28 weeks, the cons said they would be checking babies position at every visit now. The further along you are the less harder they have to press, cos as baby gets bigger its easier to tell which way they are lying. At my last visit one doc said he was head up and another said he was head down, and then they had a little row over it before explaining to me that at 28 weeks, it is still very difficult to tell :o0