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kasakins Posts: 120
Hi girls, just wondering if you can tell me, do i get free doc visits during my pregnancy and if so do i have to fill out a form. i remember someone telling me this but iv tried to google it but can find anything, any ans would be helpful
charmed Posts: 105
Yeah GP will have a form for you to sign all free after 1st
Sart Posts: 441
as far as I know, they're only free if you're doing combined care. If you're going private or public, any visit to your GP is charged.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Yes, if you're doing combined care, gp visits are free. What combined care means is that basically, you will see the hospital for one visit, and the gp for the next (every second visit). If you are exclusively seeing a consultant / midwife at the hospital, then you don't get free gp visits. If you're doing combined care, your gp will usually fill out the form for you, and ask you to sign it (although I know of some people who have been given the form to fill out themselves). If you're not sure about it, ask your gp about getting the form filled out. HTH