Doctor visit did not go too well.....

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Angel2 Posts: 787
Girls, Well went to my Doc and she did a test and it didn't show up positive. I told her I did two normal clearblue test, which had faint lines, and that I did one clearblue digital test, which showed up pregnant. She took a blood test and I will get the results either late tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. She also briefly went through my d&c results but in the end I just couldn't handle listening to it as it was too upsetting so I'm glad she didn't go into too much detail. Anyway the midwife in the hospital had already went through it with me on the phone. Anyway, I had one more digital test left at home from the box I bought on Sunday so I did another test half hour ago and that came up "pregnant". So, I presume that I am and that her test just didn't pick up on it. I don't think her tests are as advanced as the digital ones but I'll still have to wait and see. As usual nothing in my life can be straight forward but hopefully my blood test should come back positive. :o(
ginger nut Posts: 5989
sorry to hear that Angel. Maybe the wee you used for the GP test was more dilute or something and that's why the test didn't show up positive. I have all my fingers crossed for you that the blood test will show up positive. In the meantime take care of yourself and i'm praying the little bean is in there and getting stronger.
Angel2 Posts: 787
Thanks Ginger. It's so frustrating. The digital tests came up pregnant but I'll just have to wait and see what the blood tests say.
Corks Posts: 355
Hiya, Just logged on a minute ago as DH laptop was left on in the kitchen and I never log on in the evening - simply as it was in front of me! Try not to worry Angel2, the exact same thing happened to me. On the sunday I got my BFP I did 3 first responses and got faint lines. I also did a clearblue digital that day and again on the monday and all came up "pregnant". I too did not have an appt with doc til Tuesday. When he did his urine test on me he could barely see a line and he was not very positive. He told me to come again the next morning to get bloods taken. He said at the time not to be disappointed but that I may not be pregnant. Like you I was so upset. But bloods came back positive, albeit very low and he had to get clarity from the hospital lab (in front of me, I freaked!) that they were high enough for him to tell me I was pregnant. I had to wait til the Friday morning...what a long few days. What I am really saying to you is, don't worry. The docs tests are supposed to be a lot less accurate than those we buy in the chemists (they buy cheapo ones in bulk!)...fingers crossed, all your faint lines and "pregnant" words can't be wrong! Sleep tight tonight hon, you'll hopefully get good news in the next day or two :xxx
CamelliaKelly Posts: 207
hi angel2, :wv when i went to doc a few weeks ago i brought my 3 positive tests with me and he said there was no need to do one himself and that my tests were more reliable. also there was a call back last week on thousands of tests supplied to british docs as they were faulty which have possibly been supplied to ireland also. they were coming up negitive when women were actually pregnant. so dont worry at all and trust your own tests. :thnk
[email protected] Posts: 492
Angel sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. xxx
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Angel do not worry in the slightest. This happened to me. If you do a search back on the threads you'll see. I did cheap internet test on Monday night and got faint positive. Did a digital Tuesday and got pregnant. Did two first response Wednesday and Thursday and got faint positives. I went to GP on the Tuesday (AF wasn't due till the Thursday) and she said her test was negative. I showed her my digital one and she said she'd do a blood test and confirm it that way. Got the test results on the Thursday and she said hormone was showing up and gave me the percentage which meant nothing. They told me to go back to them in a couple of weeks because I was still very early. I was upset so went to a different GP who was lovely. Showed her all my tests had urine sample with me. She tested and it was very faint. She actually did two. She said she would send me urine to the lab for testing but said she would be shocked if it came back negative. Got results that evening and said it was positive. Do not worry. The blood will show up the hormone and they will probably tell you what percentage it is. Really she should have just sent your urine off because it's a much quicker test and would put your mind at ease. You are pregnant. My GP told me their tests are not half as sensitive as the ones you buy in the shop. HTH
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Angel, for some bizarre reason GP's pregnancy tests arent as sensitive as some shop bought ones. The bloods will give the real result. But how upsetting for you. I am so sorry. I am sure the bloods will show the positive. When do you get the results? Thinking of you. x sg.
Me Julia Posts: 1352
Angel2 Sorry to hear what happened at the doctor. I agree with all the other girls. Your blood test will come back positive of course!! Hang in there, all will be fine. :xxx
Angel2 Posts: 787
Girls, Thanks to every one of you for your kind words and support. I'm feeling really down this morning but I know that ye are totally right, I have to be pregnant! Sur' why would the two digital tests come up pregnant? Thanks again and I'll keep you all updated. Luv, Angel xx