Documents - post to priest marrying you or priest of church?

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susiesun Posts: 291
Hello, Both oh & I have all our documents ready ahead of our church wedding. We are bringing our own priest to conduct the ceremony. Do we send our letters of freedom, pre-marriage cert etc to the priest marrying us or to the parish priest of the church we are getting married in? Cant seem to get a definitive answer!
wollysocks Posts: 1773
I'm not exactly sure the right answer but fairly sure it is not to the priest that is marrying you. Almost certain the priest marrying us didn't have any of the paperwork. We went to the priest in our own parish to fill out the papers - as we were not marrying in our own parish. As I remember then, the parish where we were getting married informed us of a cut off day by which they needed some documentation. So I can't actually remember if it was the parish priest in our own parish( think it actually was) or the parish priest in the chuch we married... sorry actually not much help to you..
corkiegirl Posts: 825
The Priest in the Parish where you're marrying will need them for the Parish records. You'll be entered into their records as marrying in that Church on that day so they must check the paperwork. But you need to get a local (possibly 3rd Priest) to check them for you in a Pre-Nup meeting. So basically, ask to see your local Priest and he will check it all for you, send it to his Bishop who will then send it to the Bishop of the Diocese where you are marrying who will then pass it to the Church where you are marrying. The Parish secretary there will then check it. The visiting Priest who is marrying you will not have to deal with the paperwork! He'll just be told, yes everything's in order, you can go ahead.
lollisue Posts: 507
It's whichever priest is filling out the Pre Nuptual enquiry form. They have to be included as part of that form. Usually it's a priest in the parish where you live who does the pre-nup, not the priest who is marrying you, but sometimes if you know the priest they'll do it differently. For DH and I, it was a different priest for each of us as we were living in different parishes at the time.
susiesun Posts: 291
Thanks all. We have to get a priest where we are living to fill out a pre nup form. We then send that, along with the other documents such as letters of freedom, pre-marriage cert etc to the church where we are getting married. Phew!