Dodgy Dress?

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siofrabeag Posts: 58 ... dding.html Have a scroll down through the article, is that not the worst wedding dress you have ever seen?? :o0
winterbride13 Posts: 107
Oh god it's awful , you can see her nipples !!!
Orlab2b Posts: 162
The worst I've ever seen , wat was she thinking ???
niftythrifty Posts: 256
It's a bit too "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" for my liking!
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Thats actually really tacky - such a shame as she has a lovely lovely figure.
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
I thought it was going to be Lily Allen's wedding dress but was really shocked by that dress! Woeful!
MrsFlushdraw Posts: 365
I thought big fat gypsy weddings too. Assumed she was from the travelling community or something, especially with the grooms hair! Was stunned to see she is a titled lady. What a fashion faux pas that dress is. Lovely figure and ruined with a horrible wedding dress! Could have put a brush through her hair as well!
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
it actually looks cheap and horrendous!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Just trying to imagine my Dad's face if I turned up wearing that :eek horrendous dress, and it probably cost an arm & a leg, the mind boggles!