I have a tendency to buy things that I see recommend here on the site. I don't know if i really need them or if I'll use them, but because other posters here leave positive remarks I just buy. For example: Just Now I was reading through a post about Gina books, so I bought two. Do I really need these things or am I going too far. Last week I bought a DVD about childbirth that I had seen recommend here also. I just want to be a good parent and want to get as much knowledge as I can about becoming a parent, but in reality are our natural instincts better then what we read in books? Is there are way to narrow it down and only get the essentials? Becoming a parent for the first time can be a bit scary, and i'm away from home, I am not fluent in the local language, although I'm doing well communicating with people, so I think all of these books and DVDs will work magic after the baby is born. Are any of you doing the same??