Does anyone else feel like this

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mrsbessy Posts: 402
I am sick to the stomach at the thoughts of walking up the aisle, i cant stand the thought of everyone looking at me, everytime i think of it i feel like im going to vomit its making me that sick, the aisle is also really long, Am i weird for thinking like this?, I know the minute i hit the church im going to panic. Has anyone else felt or feel the same and is there anything i can do to help myself overcome this feeling, its really getting me down.
Lastminute Posts: 103
TBH I'm not looking forward to that bit at all either.
Dulux Posts: 330
I'm having a champagne breakfast at my house with family and maybe even a few friends to give me some dutch courage. As long as I only have the one glass! or two
mrsbessy Posts: 402
Jayus i think i need a valium or two. Thanks girls at least im not alone.
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
Don't joke! my friends dad gave her half a valium about an hour before she left for the church! :eek :eek :eek she was totally chilled out, and by the time it wore off the hard stuff was over!
mrsbessy Posts: 402
Do you have to get them from your doctor, cos i really do think i need something like that.
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
i am not sure where he got them from! but i am sure if you go to your doctor and explain how you feel, he might be able to help you out. Don't panic, feeling nervous about it is one thing, i actually come out in a red blotchy rash!! my dress will have to be long sleeved and high necked!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
mrsbessy Posts: 402
:o0 , I also get very bad stomach cramps so i suppose i will be lucky if i make it to the church at all, they will have to pull me out of the bathroom :o0 :o0 , thanks you made me smile.
beana Posts: 306
yeah i feel the same doll. im not getting married til aug next year but the thought of it turns my stomach. when i get nervous i also get cramps and have to sit on the toilet :eek . its only natural i suppose but i think my h2b will be cacking it more than me which makes me feel a little better :o0 there must be natural remedies in the chemist you could invest in if not have a chat with your doctor. so doll just take a deep breath, hold your head high and show everyone how beautiful you are when the time comes. best of luck xxxxx beana :wv
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
I know how you feel. I lost my dad suddenly two years ago and I cannot think about that part of the day without crying. So I am giving you the advice my best friend gave me. She told me to look straight at my fiances smiling face and he will get me up the aisle. I know it sounds soppy but I think it will work for you too