Does anyone here use Netflix?

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Persephone Posts: 928
Hi ladies! Just wondering if anyone uses Netflix? I splashed out on Sky Movies for Christmas but that just shows the same stuff over and over again. Does anyone know if Netflix is worth the money? I want to be able to watch a vast array movies that are newly released on DVD. I'm just afraid it'll be a little like xbox live movies where you get a few good ones and the rest were released 15 years ago!
Maggy Posts: 261
You can get a free one month trial with Netflix to decide before spending the money. There is NOTHING even vaguely new on it. And the selection isn't great either.
islandlil Posts: 1059
I use it currently. It's free for the first month. To be honest the selection isn't great and most of the stuff is old-there is the odd recent film but not great ones. That said i have watched plenty of movies I hadn't seen before on it and some tv series that I had always meant to watch but never got round to. Try it yourself to make up your mind. I like how I can watch it on my smartphone, desktop, ipad or through the TV with our wii so am tempted to keep it on as it is v cheap. I got rid of our cable movie package ages ago as we had seen most stuff-we like the cinema!-and I felt it wasn't worth it.
Persephone Posts: 928
Thanks girls. Yeah, I'll try the free trial but from what you're saying it's like xbox live and I really couldn't be bothered paying a monthly fee for crap!
mkb Posts: 1744
we got it and my oh can't stop raving about it. There is someway of updating it,which he did so you can get the American version of Netflix (it apparently has more up to date programs and movies on it) , he hasn't stopped using the bloody thing. I am a bit torn about it to be honest. sky movies on way hand is bit exspensive but just so handy to flick to with the remote and theres always a new movie to watch. We have netflix on our phones (which is handy on the bus)and the playstation so i have to turn on the playstation and go through the hassle of working the controller :action34 to get on it so it puts me off it.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
I was thinking of getting it too.. Is there many tv series on it?
mkb Posts: 1744
The Irish net flicks mainly has uk and Irish shows and anything from the US that's been shown over, but if you go into and do a search for Netflix on it it will give you instructions in how to get the US Netflix set up and then you'll get an infinite amount of shows and films. It's actually not too bad, watching The first series of down town abbey on it right now.
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hi MKB Do you have that thread link on I tried looking for it but can't seem to find it. Thanks Hun x
mkb Posts: 1744
sorry missus havent been on in an age so only just saw your post. this is it. [url:9onv18y2][/url:9onv18y2] oh said you may need a TV with an internet connection or a playstation to get the american netflix but if you don't have either i am sure someone on boards knows how to run it through and hook it from a lap top. if you have any hassle come back to me and i'll ask the oh for ya.
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
you're a star thanks!!! :thnk