Does anyone knit?

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wifin Posts: 4761
Following on from the hobbies thread, does anyone here knit? I have promised myself that I'd start months ago as it's supposed to be great for a bit of stress relief. I'm just not sure what size needles I should start with or what yarn to use....any help/advice would be great, thanks! :thnk
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
If you're just starting buy a thickish wool and the label will tell you what size needles to use.
wifin Posts: 4761
Thank you :wv
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Oh, and remember: In through the bunny hole, Around the big tree, Out through the bunny hole And off goes she.
Curly Miss Posts: 473
I took up knitting again recently, hadn't done any since primary school! A good place to start is by choosing a fairly simple pattern like a scarf or something for a baby. Try your local library for pattern books, or you can get loads of free patterns on the internet. Normally the pattern will tell you what wool and what size needles to get, etc. Hickeys on Henry St are great, also try ebay and sites like for buying supplies if you don't have a good shop near you. Hope that helps, let me know how you get on! :wv
wifin Posts: 4761
Thanks a million curlymiss! I'm in the same position. I'll let you know how I get on x
mitzy Posts: 77
I can't even put up stitches!
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
[quote="mitzy":c0awq8b0]I can't even put up stitches![/quote:c0awq8b0] Just loop the wool around your finger and slide the needle under the loop.
monkeysgirl Posts: 79
If you find ur local wool shop they might run knitting classes or be able to point you in the right direction for some, the person in the shop should be able to advise u on wool and needles for starting out with something simple. Lots of shops do knitting kits with wool and needles and a pattern for a scarf or something to get you started.
starpad Posts: 244
hi girls, i used to knit when i was little, have taken it up again a few weeks ago, trying to relieve the stress! :-8 pm me if anyone wants to chat, i can send you my msn, :thnk