Does anyone know anything about rabbits??

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the winner Posts: 4148
Hello all... Well my 6 yr old son got a lop eared rabbit (floppy) 2 months ago for his birthday... a lovely little white one..... we had him almost 2 months and he died?? i went out to his hutch and he was having little fits and passed away in my arms, poor lil rabbit... we dont know what caused it but i have read that this type of rabbit can be prone to epileptic fits.... I know your prob thinking big deal its a pet he'll get over it but My sons dad died 2 months ago , he had a brain clot and died very suddenlly ... so the little man was extra upset about the rabbit id say he was crying for his daddy and the rabbit, he cried for hours so we went straight back out and got a new rabbit (floppy No2) attempting to show that pets can be replaced etc...... we have him a week... since we have got him he seems to have lost weight , and in my opinion does not each much... (compared to No1) Ive tried every type of veg/fruit u can think of and 2 different types of food... What will I do ?? Im hoping the loss of weight is because before he would have been in a hutch all day and night and now he is let in every evening for a few hours to investigate:D Does anyone have any ideas? apart from the obvious go to the vet, which i will do if hes not eating more by friday... Thanks all:D
BrideBetty Posts: 172
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2crazy Posts: 1478
hey, so sorry to hear about your little bunny. i have a rabbit too. There are only certain fruit and veg you should feed rabbits, if you google a list will come up of what to give and avoid. Things they love include apples and as a treat bananas and strawberries. Don't feed them lettuce. Strange he wont take the either of the 2 foods, maybe ring your vet and ask him for advice. If there is anything else I can do to help? HTH
Monica Geller Posts: 161
Aww the poor guy. I'd take the new rabbit to the vet. Rabbits are so prone to getting upset stomachs and sometimes it can be as easy as putting a few drops of something in their food. Also, like one of the other girls said, they can only eat certain veg and not too much of it either. You are prob better off going to the vet so that the boor guy doesn't have to go through another death again. Best of luck.
maybemama Posts: 243
Did you disinfect the hutch before putting the new rabbit in there? Because if Floppy 1 had some kind of virus then Floppy 2 could contract if from the cage. A trip to the vets is probably best anyway to put your mind at rest. Rabbits aside, I'm very sorry to hear about your recent troubles, hope you're all holding up OK :action32
the winner Posts: 4148
Hey all Thx for replies:D Bunny is doing great, he must just have been settling in :D He is after getting soo big so fast :D Thanks for all the advice:D xx