does anyone know of make - up to hid scars?

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cally09 Posts: 43
hi, had 3 moles removed from my back 2 years ago , that left moderate size scars , have tried everything bio-oil n other expernsive creams to diminish their apperance , but of no luck. Really worried about this , as when trying on wedding dress there very obvious and hate looking at the view from back. Anyone know of make up to hide raised scars ? Thanks Cally
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
hey try dermacolour,its really good to cover scars i had one on my back and it did a great job. you can order online hope this helps xxx
NEWYEAR2009 Posts: 30
I have a grey/black scar on the bridge of my nose following an accident..would love to know how you get on with this...or if there are any professionals out there willing to offer advice?
msb Posts: 399
Great topic, I also would love to know how people got on with this as I have a scar on my chest from acne that is red and it is visible with the dress that I really like, has anybody had laser done? Not sure if its worth the expense but I would love to hear from anyone who knows more, sorry for hijacking the post!! :o0
makeupmagic Posts: 145
Hi Yes, sweetbride is right about dermacolour. It is very good for covering scars, birthmarks or tattoos. You can get in on-line or in Make-up Forever in Clarendon Street in Dublin. It is important to get the exact match for your skin tone and there is a skill in applying it correctly so I would advise that you ring and make an appointment with one of the staff in Make-up Forever so that you get the correct colour and learn how to apply it. In early September I am travelling to Chester to do a course in Camouflage Make-up and after that my kit will include specialised camouflage make-up for scars, birth marks and tattoos etc. I will PM you both on my return and let you know how I got on and maybe try out my newly acquired skills. Regards Margaret
makeupmagic Posts: 145
callie09, NEWYEAR2009 and msb :wv I have sent each of you a PM. Let me know what you think. Regards. Margaret
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
Hi, I got bitten by a horse a while back and it left a scar on my nose, my gran advised me to put witch hazel on it, i started doing this religiously and the scar disappeared. HTH, I dont know exactly how long it took to disappear but the scar was gone within the year
Malvina Barrett Posts: 241
Hi I use Dermablend to camouflage scars, it is fantastic and widely available. I just recently covered a massive open heart surgery scar for a mother of the bride and she couldn't believe the difference. It will cover the change in colour but do bear in mind if it is a big scar there may be some texture left ie raised skin, this is where massaging the bio oil helps. Best of luck!