Does anyone know the designer of this dress??

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blingbride Posts: 50
Ladies, I have found a dress that I think is beautiful and perfect for me, but I dont know who the designer is! I came across it by chance online on 'Seroca bridal' based in limerick. The problem is I only have a few weeks left before I really need to order a dress, as my wedding is on 6th May 2010! I am from Donegal, but working in Dublin so I would love to try this dress on without travelling to Limerick. I rang and asked the shop for the designer, but as the lovely lady explained on the phone the have a strict policy on this, and no longer give out the designers of the dresses they stock over the phone. The dress I love is no. 4 in the gallery on the Seroca website. Im useless at computers and cant post a picture, sorry! Can anyone pretty please help me with the designer of this dress??!!
Mrs Tayto Posts: 305
Sorry don't know but wow love the waist detail! Here's a pic [img:56l834dd][/img:56l834dd] Have you tried asking what designers they stock?
mrs2b2009 Posts: 78
Im sorry I dont know the designer but im sure one of the wollies will know, so heres the link to the seroca gallery. Its a beautiful dress by the way, very unusual :wv
dellyb1 Posts: 2489
hiya,flip ive saw that dress in a few shops in limerick when i was dress shopping and out in seroca itself i know a girl going to collect her dress out there tomorrow so ill ask her to "admire" the dress and sneak a peek for u
blingbride Posts: 50
Thank you all- sooooo much! You girls are worth your weight in gold!!xxx
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
can't confirm for sure as can't see it on the designer website now, but almost certain it's a Venus Bridal dress - if you check out bridal collections, Venus, it looks very like VE8011 (same bottom part) but that's just guess work fab dress, best of luck O-O
blingbride Posts: 50
thanks pink ribbons, had a look at that website, but, sorry to say although its similar, its not the dress!! thanks anyway, my hunt for the dress continues!!:)
MrsM2009 Posts: 254
I had ta similar problem with a dress i found...what i did was search google looking for say Suppliers/Stockists and the name of the shop and it brought me to the designer websites and found it that way Good luck
Mrs Tayto Posts: 305
Doing a quick google search they seem to stock Venus Bridal, Sophia Tolli, Mon Cheri, Suzanne Neville. Let us know when you solve the mystery :wv
blingbride Posts: 50
Ladies, have searched through those designers and so far I dont think Ive found it. Thanks for all the info, please keep it coming. I have just emailed seroca bridal to ask again for the designer so hopefully they believe that I am a genuine bride and not a bridal shop, I believe that this is their worry. Mystery still unsolved ladies. Thanks again!