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mudder1 Posts: 58
I was 21 when I got married the first time. I subsequently told all my friends to marry orphans :o0 Our marriage eventually broke up and they certainly helped contribute to the breakdown! I'm getting married again in November and the in laws live in the UK, and it's a good place for them to be. We were there at the weekend and MIL is just so bloody difficult!! It's like the more I resist her digs, the harder she tries. I'm not giving into it though. I have no opinion while I'm there and make no decisions, I just sit there smiling and making the appropriate noises. I'm not going to be the reason there's a fight!
futuremrskelly Posts: 220
I get along with my future in laws most of the time , kinda have to as i'm living right beside them, and my family in a different county, but my MIL to be is very self centered, if it's not about her she doesn't really care. She is more concerned about how much the wedding costs and what presents people will give us, told us she was giving us a monetary gift and we could have it before the wedding to pay off suppliers, she thinks we dont have a penny. I told her it wasnt about the money and she replied 'oh but it is'. She'll sit down and go through what each person will give us, and recently she said her other daughter in law's parents didnt give them much for a present - I was FURIOUS at that comment, the cheek of her. People will only give what they can, and its NOT about the presents!! Sometimes my OH can annoy me when they are all together as they tend to think the same. I mentioned at the weekend it was only 5months to the wedding and she just replied 'you wont feel that coming' and started to talk about the local publican thats in hospital with heat stroke, and how he was in VHI and got a private room!! She couldnt give two fecks about the wedding or what we do, but because her daughter is married to a doctor, if she so much as sneezes the whole world knows about it.. Oh god that was a bit of a rant - sorry!!