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chicabride Posts: 453
There was a post here a few years ago I think about a girl who booked her wedding in a certain Hotel that she had always dreamed about getting married in. A while later the Hotel came back and said that another (wealthier I think) girl wanted that room on that day and would she change and I think they said they would give her the wedding for free or that the other family would pay for it. She wanted that specific date and room and had booked first and really didnt want to give it up. I would just love to know how she got on and how things turned out.. Anyone remember this?
Snuffy Posts: 1492
No. But the nosey git that I am now wants to know how it turned out!
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
dont remember it but would definitely change my date if was getting a free wedding!!
okan Posts: 380
[quote="RainbowNinja":2x6njgcw]dont remember it but would definitely change my date if was getting a free wedding!![/quote:2x6njgcw] +1!
mommylicious Posts: 836
[quote="RainbowNinja":3bgdrgxv]dont remember it but would definitely change my date if was getting a free wedding!![/quote:3bgdrgxv] +100000000000 I'd walk up the aisle naked for a free wedding. Did she not want to change her date or was she delighted she was getting a free wedding?
chicabride Posts: 453
No she was dead set against changing it. It was her dream room on a special date and I think she had it booked far in advance to get, and then someone with more money waltzed in and just wanted it off her. Dont think they were offering her the free wedding first until she wouldnt give it up and I think solicitors were getting involved. Personally I would have took the free wedding!!!! I have been searching for this topic...cant even remember what year it was.
Snuffy Posts: 1492
I soo would have givin it up too! Would love to read this thread, hope someone remembers when it was/what it was called.
paperclips Posts: 3146
Bloody hell, I'm dying to hear this story! I did hear a story about a couple who got married, I think it was in Hotel Kilkenny and there was an American Guy staying in that hotel on the day they got married. He had never seen or been at an Irish Wedding before and approached the couple and asked them would it be ok for him to come to the afters of their wedding. The couple suggested that he join them for dinner as they had a couple of free seats because they had a few no shows on the day. Wasnt going to cost them anything extra anyway. They asked the hotel manager to get him a seat at one of the spare tables. This guy sat in with the other guests at a table and was on the dance floor all night long. End of the night he thanked the bride and groom for including him and he had a brilliant night. The following afternoon, the bride and groom went to pay hotel for reception etc and everything had been paid for ................. by the American Guy!
winklefairy Posts: 907
I heard recently (I know this is going to sound like an urban myth but I think the woman who told me knew the bride. Anyway......) that a couple was asked a few weeks before their wedding to change their date. They said no, and the offers (free wine with the dinner, then free wedding package, then everything inc. dress paid for etc) kept getting bigger and bigger. The couple held out until they finally offered to pay their mortgage!!!!!! It was Beyonce over for Oxegen and she wanted to book out the whole place!
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
I think I remember that post, was it a few months back? I think the date was special to her because it was their anniversary? I don't remember what happened though, now I'm intrigued, call the Gards if I haven't posted by Monday :o0 *shumbles legs it to root around Wol archives* Wow winklefairy! Wouldn't that be sweet? To have Beyonce pay your mortgage :ooh