Does anyone work from home?

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
I've the chance of working from home some days during the week (2 or 3 possibly) but I'm one of those sad people who actually likes going to work :-8 , I like the routine etc. However, it would save a lot of commuting time and be easier in the final weeks of pregnancy. But I'm worried about getting isolated. Sorry not really a P&B topic but anyone else who does this and regrets it or thinks it's a good decision. Might post in Off Topic for opinions too.
sandym Posts: 774
Hi Sunnyside, Myself and h2b both work from home and I love it. It can be hard at times especially during school holidays but it depends on what job you do and also the routine you set. I work in office downstairs and h2b has his office upstairs. I work in teh mornings and he minds kids and then he does afternoons. When the 2 eldest are in school we both work in mornings when baby has nap. I love the flexibility and being my own boss. PM me if you want details otr any more advice :wv
jarashow Posts: 3083
I can work from home the same as you SS. However, there aren't that many of us within our organisation in Ireland so it's not as if there are loads of people we know in the office. I would work at least 2 days from home and it really is great. As someone else was saying on your lack of sleep post, my hubbie leaves about 6:30 and then I can stay on in bed for an hour or 2 after and I sleep quite well then. As for being lonely, I don't notice it, I am busy anyways and it's always nice to make your own lunch and relax while you have it.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi there, I worked from home for most of my pregnancy with the twins. I found it fantastic- I could sleep until right up to starting work, take my breaks for coffee and lunch and still be productive. I found that as long as I stuck to the times I would keep in the office it didn't really isolate me or make me feel any different (except better rested!). I'd say this might be a god send for you in the last few weeks when you're wrecked! *) Best of luck,m.
sunnyside Posts: 3164
thanks girls. I really do think I must be a bit odd as everyone says it's a great idea to have a few days at home and a few days at work. I hate being by myself all day and feel like I'm missing out on the 'real world' when not in the office. I suppose I'd just need to get a routine going from home and it would feel ok.
Thinkerbell Posts: 187
Hey sunnyside, I know where your coming from. I used to do some work from home, some days it can be handy but you have to be very disciplined about the hours you do. I used to be getting up and sticking on a wash or doing bits in between so it felt like I was working longer hours, plus I missed having a chat with the girls in the office, so if you can work some from home and some in the office I think you'll have the best of both worlds, it'll definitley make things easier. O-O
fabcards Posts: 541
Hi Girls I too also work from home....i used to live nearer the office so could go in a few days of the week but now its too far too commute so im at home full time hubby also works from home buts hes in and out all the time so it can get lonely esp if ur not used to it or you like to be around people all the time....its handy now esp been pregnant as you can ly down if you really need to and just take it a bit easier