Does anyone work night shifts?

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Bighugs Posts: 62
Just wondering if anyone else is working night shifts I'm nearly 15 weeks and am really struggling with my night shifts :zzzz: at the minute they can vary from rushed off my feet to dead! I'm struggling to keep my eyes open no matter how much sleep I get during the day or how busy they are. I was wondering what people thought of being signed off them by my doc I was looking at my terms and conditions of employment and it says that pregnant women can be exempt from night duty with a cert. I should probably mention that they are 13 hour shifts and am at the end of 4 with a day off before I go back on days! Exhaustion has well and truely set in :zzzz:
mtv Posts: 935
hi i dont work nights but the advice is if your body needs sleep just go with it. if u feel ur body is not up to it, it is trying to tell you something. good luck
Daff Posts: 11644
I don't work night shifts but SIL does and I know what a toll they take on the body when you're not pregnant, so can only imagine when youi are. TO be honest if i was you i'd not do them. I find the best way to get through things at the moment is routine, and i think you should try and stick to that the best you can HTH :thnk
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Hi bughugs, my work hours are 4-12, and by the time I get home and into bed its after 1, with the alarm going off at 7.30am to get DS up for play school. I'm really struggling now. I drink alot of coffee and coke (prob way too much) while in work, to stay alert so by the time I get home I cant sleep from the caffeine. I cant go off onto days, as this shift is my permenant job, and with DS I cant afford to pay childcare so have no choice but to suffer another 5 weeks and 5 days in work until maternity leave kicks in. If you can swap to days only than do it. You are just going to get more and more tired as babs gets bigger, and may as well take advantage while you can. Good Luck :wv
pixiechick Posts: 647
Hiya Bighugs, I work 12 hour night shifts(7pm-7am). In my first trimester i was exactly the same as you,no amount of sleep would do. I used to go to sleep on my breaks, it was the only way I could keep going. I found that Berocca boost gave me a kick if I needed it and loads of water. My doctor said he would give me a cert if I could not cope but I struggled on. I am finding it a lot easier now,I have a good bit of energy and I sleep very well during the day and I am not that tired during the night anymore. I found that it does get easier with time. HTH. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy :wv
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
hi i work night shifts however i have been put on days from this week at 19 weeks for health and safety as i was working alone on nights and i just wasnt covered insurance and stuff. must say i am better now just working days, if you cant manage your doc can write a letter for you stating what hours you should work i have plentys of co workers do this. i have another friend, she is a computer engineer worked shift and went sick for practically the whole pregnancy, came back after year off pregnant went sick again, is only back now about 6 months and is nearly 4 mths pregnant again. she had it all planned with regards the close pregnancies, said at start she felt guilty about missing work. so dont feel bad if your struggling say it to someone..
Bighugs Posts: 62
Thanks for the replies girls :thnk I finished this morning and am back on a day shift tomorrow gonna have a chat with my manager then and see what she thinks. They might prefer I that don't do nights as they can be quite volatile and they are basically a person down with me on shift.
1happywife Posts: 248
I really struggled with night shifts too I was working 10pm to 1oam on my own got a cert at 20 weeks as could not keep going, they really are tough when pregnant definately talk to your manager best of luck
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Hey, I used to work nights years ago and I worked day shift when I was pg on DS and on this pg too. Both times they were 12hr shifts. You are fully entitled to be signed off for not working the nights, they are obliged to find you alternative day work if needs be. I got a risk assessment done on both pg and I know shift work was a key focus. Hopefully your mngr will be good about it and accomadate you in any way. But either way, they can't make you work night shift.