Does chugging work?

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lux Posts: 6270
Courtesy of this: I have to say, I only donate to two specific charities, but even then I'm less inclined to make even a token donation to a charity that employs chugging as a way of getting donations. I was once nearly locked in a hug with a male chugger on Dawson St, sounds funny but it wasn't, I was >:o( -if I or my DH went around trying to hug/stop people on the street we'd be in trouble.
flor Posts: 1621
this *really* annoys me. i don't want to be accosted in the street for my bank account details, thank you very much. i must wear my heart on my sleeve on this one though, as i rarely get stopped any more :o0
Snuffy Posts: 1492
I will donate to some charities but never ever to ones like that. For the first time in my life last year at age 27 I entered into my first direct debit. For a bill phone. I don't do direct debits. It took years before I finally decided to bite the bullet with the phone. Anyone like that are swiftly told no I'm not interested. If they persist I tell them I don't do direct debits so don't waste our time. I flippin hate them! They're the biggest annoyance I find when I go into town(Dublin) . Can't bloody stand em. Feel sorry for them doing that job, but not enough to cancel out how much I hate them. Especially the animal ones!!!
Kaniela Posts: 458
I can't abide chuggers!! I'm weary enough giving my bank account details to people I trust, never mind a complete stranger who think jumping up and down in front of me is cute... I think not!! My big issue with the whole chugging epidemic that is going on at the minute is that not all the money raised goes to the charity and that a certain portion of it goes to cover the chuggers wages!! I think that chugging can give most genuine fund raising events, where the people trying to raise money are not personally benefiting (in a financial sense)from it at all a bad name.. I volunteer for a charity (Who can't abide chugging) in the region where I live when needed and at the last event where they was a stall I was questioned by one woman who wanted to know how much I was getting paid for the day!! She said she found it hard to believe that I was willing to give up my whole day for a thank you and walked off! :o( :o( It's the charities I feel that are losing out in long run!!
Maggy Posts: 261
I walked past a chugger a little while ago. I politely said I wasn't interested and just as I walked away he asked if he could have a hug!!! If i'm not going to give you my bank details I am DEFINATELY not hugging you!
hairdye Posts: 1129
Well personally they don't work for me. I just find them so pushy, bordering on rude at times, which in no way incentives me to sign up with them.
jegoruss Posts: 258
i once signed up for it for 7euro a month concern i think it was.h2b and me were sorting out finances so it was decided i cancel it which i did.i think its probably better to give money when u can and not every month direct debit.
Sweet8 Posts: 1285
I read this earlier, fair play to the girl for taking the picture! I can't abide chuggers and will avoid them like the plague. Both my H2B and I have chosen charities which we donate to, I don't appreciate being hounded for money for some random charity. What I find shocking was that the 'pep talk' was happening in full view of passersby. I have a handful of friends who worked as chuggers during college to make some quick money, the pressure comes down heavily from the 'team leaders' who are pretty much there to achieve targets and to pressure people into handing over their money. If anything they're a deterrent.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Can't stand them. Definitely would be inclined to support charities that don't employ this as a fund raising method. What I hate the most is how these people will come across as being so selfless and giving and active with the charity and they're actually getting paid to do it! Telling you how great the charity is and pocketing money from them. Hypocrites. I can't resist the Irish Cancer Society and will support them whatever they do. They always have more creative ways of fundraising anyway than looking from peoples bank details.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I really despise this way of raising money. I don't necessarily have anything against the people doing it, but I suppose they choose to do this, but I once had one of them come in under an umbrella that I was sharing with my sister! We were in a hurry to get back to the car out of the rain and had the brolly in front of us and he still came in under it! And another guy, when I told them that I donate to charity every week through my wages, which it the absolute truth, had the balls to ask me to show him my payslip!! :eek All I will say is that he is lucky that I had been walking away from them when he said it, because if he had said that to my face instead of my back as I walked away, I honestly don't know what I would have done, I was so angry. I always buy the flowers/pins you know the sunflowers, daffodils, forget me nots, and often I will stick a fiver in and not take the change, and I always donate at work when people are doing runs or walks. I also recently raised €500 for a charity by doing a run myself, but these guys just rub me up the wrong way altogether!