Does everyone get Braxton Hicks?

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littlemama Posts: 471
Hi everyone, just wondering about braxton hicks pains. Does everyone get them? I'm 30 weeks and don't think i've gotten any, or if i have i haven't noticed. Is this normal not to have experienced them by 30 weeks?
silverlight Posts: 628
I don't think I got them on DS, I was always waiting for them but I never got any false contractions or tightening of my belly as people often described on here.
lincoln Posts: 387
I never got these or any pains to prepare me until labour began with vigour :o0
BallerinaBride09 Posts: 610
Nope, I didn't get them either. I got some pre labour pains, like bad period pains....but the real labour pains were a whole different ball game!!!
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I didn't get them either!
littlemama Posts: 471
[quote="lincoln":327jobwt]I never got these or any pains to prepare me until labour began with vigour :o0[/quote:327jobwt] yeah i was hopin if i did get braxton hicks they would ease me in to the labour pains, although i've a sneaky feeling this is not the way it works! :o0 Thanks for your replies girls. :thnk
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Ah Braxton Hicks, one of life's many wonders!! I "thought" i got Braxon Hicks each time, much later on than 30 weeks. But I don't really know what they were! After being in labour, they are definitely NOT like labour pains. Also. my labour pains were put off as being Braxton Hicks by numerous midwives. The reasons behind this is that apparently Braxton Hicks pains aren't meant to be regular. However, my contractions were not regular either! I don't believe anything is set in stone with it comes to Braxton Hicks. Don't worry if you DON'T Get them!
amberjack Posts: 1273
I never got them or labour pains either (had a section) so have no idea what they feel like (didnt miss them either)