Does it matter when you sign up for Combined Care?

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strangeangel Posts: 1269
I'm changing to a different GP for maternity care, as my GP doesn't do the Combined Care scheme. However, as I've already been to see my GP and have made my 12 week appointment with the hospital, I don't actually need to see the new GP til after that and the office told me I just fill in the forms when I go to see them. Is it ok to wait that long, or are you supposed to apply for it earlier in the pregnancy?
bumble Posts: 1980
I dont think it makes a difference when you apply for it - i dont think there's a specific time in the pregnancy by which you need to apply. HSE will send you the card that you get filled out at each hospital / gp visit but some people receive that card directly from the GP or hospital so i wouldn't worry. If your GP said to fill out at your 1st apt with them am sure that's perfectly fine. Glad you got sorted with a GP!!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Thanks Bumble :) Beechlawn are taking new patients so I'm going with them - I have already been on to them twice so didn't want to call them back again with yet another question before I've even been in!
bumble Posts: 1980
Oh brilliant!! I am delighted you got in there as they are just so nice. When i got pg we had just moved to the area although it's where DH is from so all his family go to that clinic. They weren't taking new patients at the time so i went elsewhere and the GP i had tried wasn't great at all so DH's family managed to get me in there and I just found them great. There's nothing as unsettling as being pg and not having a GP to look after you so i know what it's like! Am delighted for you! Might see you in the waiting room some day :o0
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Great - it's so reassuring to hear positive feedback from someone else who's been there! Fingers crossed all goes well over the next few weeks and we might indeed bump into each other in the waiting room :)
Mama2b! Posts: 131
When i was going with the combined care in the GPs surgery they made sure i filled out the form just after the consultation because they said everything from that moment on (and 6 wks after the birth) would be i just signed the form.