Does pregnancy give you B.O. ?

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oirish Posts: 1541
seriously MORTO writing this but can't find any info online about it. I'm very clean - never had b.o. before - went for a very short walk with the dog and played about with her a bit (now I had a shower last night AND put deodorant on after it and this morning) and man I smell so bad !!!! Is it the over active smell sense as well as b.o. ?? am morto.
daddyrchips Posts: 51
Hi oirish , pregnancy doesn't give you B.O. but it does give you as I like to call it a " bionic sense of smell" :o0 It can be a bit of a pain sometimes if you don't like the perfume of the woman sitting next to you at work :o(
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Your sense of smell is increased and also hormones so you will sweat more,im thinking I smell for ages now its an awful feeling but really just in our heads most of the time!!once we wash of course
Shilanne Posts: 304
Well ! thats so interesting - I thought I was beginning to pong a bit :eek and being ultra careful about Personal Hygiene - I was even smelling my feet about an hour after my shower !!!
oirish Posts: 1541
oh jaysis I feel about as thick as a plank now :o0 thanks tho at least I know it's just my super smell that's happening !