Does pregnancy go fast??

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BONSER Posts: 82
Okay i know most of you will say relax & enjoy and I know i am always running away ahead of myself but I cant help feeling like its forever being pregnant and the time will drag, just wondering of those of you that are nearly there how did you feel???
Ducky Posts: 2506
I found it moved in fits and starts. Up to 12 weeks crawled and then it flew until 17 weeks. 17-22 crawled again and then 22-30 whizzed by. The last few weeks have been the slowest so far, as Christmas made evreything go quicker and now it's gone I am just counting down the days until I finish work. Overall, it's gone way way faster than I expected but this final bit is slow.
Itisasecret Posts: 389
I have to say it's flying for me. Perhaps it's the time of year? With Christmas to break it up etc. I'd say it's tought having an Autumn baby if you are heavily preggers during the Summer. Chrismas was tough enough witout the boozing :o( though, so I suppose it's all relative!
fancypants Posts: 453
Hi - not sure how far gone you are I am 32 weeks and yes I think it has gone fast - The first 12 weeks are slow - you don't look pregnant yet, you may be waiting to tell people and it seems like forever until you get a scan or starting having regular appointments and feel really pregnant. But I think once you get passed taht milestone it does fly - I simply cannot believe I am down to 8 weeks!!!!! - Though have a feeling teh time dragging sensation may come back especially over the next five weeks until I finish work!!! But enjoy it every day is a milestone!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
I think it'll crawl by for me too. But yeah I guess the first 12 weeks especially, as you don't look pregnant, and it's a worrying time, and you're waiting for your first scan.... etc...etc
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I thought it flew up to the last month then it just dragged..
lamb nose Posts: 679
The first 12 weeks are the worst! It seemed to fly from then on. Am finishing up work in 3 weeks time and I think the time will go slow until then. Time is dragging now (33 weeks). Can't believe we will have a baby in 7 weeks time! :eek
Moet for me Posts: 1841
In a word for me no, not at all
charlie crown Posts: 377
Well as you can see I'm still under the 12 week mark and at present I feel like I'll never feel well again! So slow so far
bree Posts: 1880
think it depends on the particular day!! some days seem like its gone by so quickly....( but then we have had the wedding,honeymoon,holiday,christmas as wel as 3/4 of self-build ) ....but other days ( the ones where you feel tired, unmotivated, & generally shitty ) feel as if iv been preggers forever !! i look @the time left & think 'oh my god !! iv so much to do & so little time' but then when im feeling heavy & crampy i think i have loadsa time left...depends totally on mental state