Does rise in temp mean you've defo OVed?

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so_clear Posts: 397
Hi, This is one for all of the TCOYF readers! I started it, but have exams coming up, so I've had to put it to one side for a bit... I only started temping last month and my temps rose around OV (used saveontests OPK and got faint second line) and then dropped the day before AF arrived. I just wanted to check if this means I'm definitely ovulating? Can you still get the raise in temps if you're not ovulating?? Thanks *)
charlie crown Posts: 377
Temps are not a difinitive sign in and off themselves, but if you have a sustained temp rise couple with egg white CM and a positive opk then you can be pretty sure. Good luck!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
From my understanding of TCOYF it's a very sure sign that you've ovulated. To understand it a little more, remember what causes the temp shift. This is caused by the Corpus Luteum (where the egg has popped from in your ovary) producing progesterone, which is directly responsible for the temp rise. If you get a faint positive on OPK this could be indicating a surge in LH (which increases and causes the egg to pop!) before ovulation. But often women can experience a surge and not reach ovulation. However, you're seeing temp shift and unless you have a fever, which is highly unlikely to occur by only a tiny shift in temp - about .2 degC, and which just happens to drop the day of your AF. So in a very long winded and round about way, my medical expert opinion :o0 :o0 is that you indeed are ovulating!!! :wv [size=75:3px1axuf]Disclaminer - the opinions expressed above are not those of a medical profession. Please consult your doctor. [/size:3px1axuf]
mumof2 Posts: 3864
yes for me it did anyway and would always drop back down the day before AF was due
so_clear Posts: 397
Cool, thanks a million girls. I wind up second-guessing everything with this TTC malarkey... Well, am going to make sure I enjoy the trying this month! Look out DH, here I come!!! :o0