Does such a rocker/bouncer exist?

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Hangar Chick Posts: 20
Hi Ladies, I'm looking for a rocker/bouncer that fits the following criteria: vibrates plays music reclines is suitable from birth has detachable toy bar Can anyone recommend if one exists? I seem to have looked at every website & even set up a comparison spreadsheet (is it obvious I'm in that neurotic phase of a first pregnancy?!) but can't seem to find one to tick all the boxes. Insight greatly appreciated, Thanks!
sept2012bride Posts: 218 ... 2520Rocker This is the one my DS had. Its really lovely and comfy
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
our fisher price one does all of the above.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
[quote="sept2012bride":2n0v8tcn],default,pd.html?cm_sp=ProductFeatures-_-Category%2520landing-_-Mothercare%2520Winnie%2520The%2520Pooh%2520Luxury%2520Vibrating%2520Rocker This is the one my DS had. Its really lovely and comfy[/quote:2n0v8tcn] God, why don't they make these for adults? That looks so comfy!
Hangar Chick Posts: 20
[quote="babyblabber":3ow502mo]our fisher price one does all of the above.[/quote:3ow502mo] Babyblabber - which FP one do you it the rainforest bouncer? Or the infant-to-toddler one?
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
[quote="sept2012bride":1dnepguj],default,pd.html?cm_sp=ProductFeatures-_-Category%2520landing-_-Mothercare%2520Winnie%2520The%2520Pooh%2520Luxury%2520Vibrating%2520Rocker This is the one my DS had. Its really lovely and comfy[/quote:1dnepguj] DS has this too and loves it.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
It's a few years old now but think it's the rainforest bouncer. It's not a rocker. Has a big giraffe one the seat. Music only plays when you pull a toy on the toy bar. I still remember my excitement the day DS did it himself for the first time!!!
North Star Posts: 137
Diamontee Posts: 675
[quote="TickleMeElmo":3s7rbxu7]My list of requirements was exact same as yours and we got this in the end. ... 9-prd.aspx [img:3s7rbxu7][/img:3s7rbxu7] It has music, vibrates and reclines into 2 positions. The toy bar can be brought forward and pushed back behind head rest out of the way if needed. I would highly recommend.[/quote:3s7rbxu7] This is the one we have aswell!! DD loved it and it'll be used again!! Ya we got it in smyths think it was around €50 :o)ll :o)ll
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684 ... ca2ee440f0 we got this one and does what you are asking for. WE bought it in smyths and its reduced a little bit at the moment. Mothercare also do it in blue. My sister got the same one and both lo's love it.