does the cost of the doc put you off going?

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RIDGE Posts: 216
just curious...everyone i speak to says it does...
Chococat Posts: 1632
For me, I would be put off & try to take over the counter medicines to sort it out. For my LO's, No. If I think they need a doctor I'll bring them regardless of cost.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Yeah would put me off all right. Not for the kids though, would always bring them.
Layla20 Posts: 1089
yeah it does, was half dead not that long ago before I dragged myself into seeing my doctor. Its so expensive. I don't have kids but if I did I would always bring them, wouldn't take the chance with their health.
Peppa Posts: 150
yes for both me and h2b, but definitely not for our dd
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
I've not been to the doc in AGES and it IS because of the cost. the price constantly seems to go up, and the medication prescribed is usually really expensive too! if i was really bad i'd go, but not unless it was bad! only prob is if im ever off work 2 days, i need a cert, so i would have to go! ...thankfully im not ill often!
Doll Face Posts: 3721
for me and H2b yes but for the kids no.... At the min i have a cold but theres no way id go to the docs unless i was really sick.........when it comes to the kids i try and use over the counter stuff unless i think its serious and then its stright to the docs ....
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I can never justify going to the doctor because of the cost unless I'm in a very bad way like last year when I had tonsilitious (can't spell!!!!) :o(
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
used to before but now with the medical card it obviously doesnt :o)ll
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
It definitely puts me off, thankfully I don’t have to go too often, usually for a cert to get off work :o0