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Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
I tried the TENS too, nothing more than a distraction as others have said. I tried gas and air, encouraged by the midwives, but found it horrible. And it didn't help with the pain at all. I refused pethidine because I didn't want it to affect the baby. I think it must be different for everyone because labour certainly felt like PAIN to me and not tightening, etc. When I got the epidural I felt like all my Christmasses came at once! Amazing invention. I didn't find it painful getting it put in either. Although I was struggling so much that I would have gone through anything for pain relief at that stage. Sorry.. this probably hasn't helped ease your concerns. Just remember that the labour will end and you will have the most precious little baby at the end of it. I'd do it ten times over for my little man!
grumpy Posts: 1280
I'm sorry to go against the grain, but honestly, the epidural did hurt me. To be honest, I think the guy didn't do it completely right (but I have zero lasting affects). That said, given the choice to do it over, I most certainly would - once it took effect I was pain-free!