Does the reception cover itself?

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Django16 Posts: 19
Hi all, Can any past brides advise if their reception covered itself? I need some feedback before I finalise my guestlist. We are paying €50 per head for the meal. We have everything else paid but we don't have the money for the reception bill. We will either be relying on monetary gifts or getting a loan. Do many people give wedding gifts anymore? We have our house and all that's in it etc. Has anyone been left with a big loan after the wedding? Thanks in advance!
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
Hi Django16 A future bride rather than a past bride but basing this on what friends and family who have been married in the last couple of years have told me I would say absolutely do not bank on the reception paying for itself. You will most likely get a mixture of monetary and non monetary gifts even if you already have your house. The older generation sometimes prefer to give an actual gift. I personally think it is nice to get some gifts for the home etc. It is nice to have something to cherish in years to come. A close friend had a family of 6 turn up for the meal after sending a decline and didn't even bring a card between them so I would not have any expectations. Hopefully some past brides can offer you their advice based on their own experiences. Best of luck for your big day :-)
supercooper Posts: 124
Not sure how you can rely on gifts to pay for your reception, as most hotels require payment in advance of the day. Def do not rely on wedding gifts to pay for your wedding and if that's what you are thinking then you seriously need to cut your guest list and spending.
Tipp2016 Posts: 72
Hi I'm a future bride also so can't really help but do you really want the stress of opening cards and seeing if ye have enough to cover reception ? Past couple have told us gifts will cover reception but we are not relying on this we have budgeted for what we can afford and any gifts we get will be a bonus . A friend got married and some people that attended wedding gave no gift so think ye need to be prepared to pay for reception without relying on gifts. Best of luck in yere planning and congrats .
Sin16 Posts: 236
I have heard that some times it does but then again all depends on how much it is per person for your venue.. Its not just the main meal. Are you giving drinks, extra food or any other extras. They all mount up. I have heard of some people only giving €50 as a present from 2 people and some giving €100 per person. You need to prepare yourself that it wont pay for itself and if it does then that's a bonus. We have to pay in advance and then settle final bill the morning after. I couldn't imagine opening a load of envelopes that morning and then counting a massive amount of money.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Do not rely on gifts to pay for the wedding! If needs be get a loan and then pay it off quickly using gift money. We had to pay our final bill for the reception 10 days before the wedding - in fact nothing wedding related was left to pay the day after, just the usual priest, band, hair and make up on the day. You don't want to be scrambling through cards to find the cash to pay your suppliers - plus you'll want to do it calmly and in an organised way so you can keep track of who got you want for the thank you cards.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Looking back, our cash gifts covered the reception. We had saved up enough in advance though. But some guests gave presents like glasses, a few gave no gift at all. You will be surprised! An aunt & uncle I never see gave us €500 prior to the wedding, I was gobsmacked but it was fantastic to get it in advance. On the other hand one of my BMs - a lifelong friend - never gave us a card or gift. €50 a head isn't too bad so you could be OK...personally I would probably get a loan for half the amount, and then pay it off with a balloon payment if there are enough cash gifts? Would you be comfortable borrowing the whole amount? As another poster mentioned, do you really want to be opening cards up in the bridal suite the morning after the wedding to see if there's enough to pay the hotel balance? Not the most romantic thought on such a happy event, but I understand your dilemma. If it does come to that just make a note of who gave what so you can thank them specifically.
Django16 Posts: 19
Thanks, this is a great help! I may not have explained fully above. We have paid 3K to the reception already. We have all else paid off and every time I speak to someone about getting a loan, they tell me not to, that it covers itself. I'm only trying to figure if that has happened to anyone else.
lorrimar Posts: 837
Our cash gifts would have covered the reception but we borrowed from the CU for the wedding as we didnt want the stress of having to open all the cards and hope there was enough there. You could always get a loan to cover it and then pay it back straight after the wedding from your cash gifts. We only got a few presents it was mostly cash/cheques.
comprometida Posts: 143
This topic always causes issues!! We are getting a loan for half of the cost and hoping to repay at least some of it with cash gifts after the big day. I've heard very varied stories from those that didn't get half of the cost back in gifts, to those that made a profit. Either way we won't rely on it as it would be too stressful on the day. CU loan and any bulk we can pay off it after will be great.