Does this full feeling at top of stomach go away??

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capricorn04 Posts: 527
I am hoping its an accompaniment to MS but everytime i eat, the area just above my belly button has such a heaviness..... I am imaging this is normal and everything is slowing down?? I can't wat much as a way of experimenting with foods that don't do this, I am sticking mainly to a slice of bread or crackers and had some weetabix in case it is constipation!! Anyone else have this??
Dr of love Posts: 425
Yeah, I have this sometimes, it feels horrible, particularly when lying down and trying to sleep. It usually is accompanied by some acid feeling in my oseophagas (sp) and sometimes the bile creaping up my throat. I find it is definitely worse when I am sicker and milder when my ms is calmer. I think it may not disappear but might be overshadowed by the main part of the tummy getting bigger and heavier. ps. I find that drinking milk and yogurt helps calm the acid feeling down and shift food, stomach stuff further into my gut. This might help?
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Oh Dr of Love, I was in such bad form over it last night!! Last time I'd eaten was 7pm and at 11 I still felt no movement... I'm gonna make a conscious effort during day to drink more water, I am still managing to go to the loo (tmi) so I guess thats a good thing, and the MS does seem to be trailing off a little.... I was reading a few sites and again white bread as always in a baddie - no surprise, I hope once I get my full appetite back I will be able to go back to foods that I know won't cause too many probs I started my day with a cup of hot water & lemon, they are saying it starts the body flushing out eeekkk, and then had some weetabix - feeling ok, I'll let you know how I go :duh: :duh:
seabride11 Posts: 231
snap snap o thank god i nearly ended up ringing hospital last week over this i have all the same symptoms as you Dr of love and only thing that works is freezing cold milk - its really painful in my tummy near my bellybutton and my throat on fire with yukiness coming up from my tummy -will it go away eventually ?
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
are you in the early or late stages of pregnancy, I had this up to 4 months it eased for 2.5 months and now its back as bad as ever. really horrible but it will pass.
babyforus Posts: 1619
Gaviscon (liquid) will help with the fullness / bile. It sounds like heartburn when you are lying down. Prop your head on three pillows. Also for constipation you prob need a creek with bigger fibre content like Bran flakes.