Does this sound normal for 30weeks??

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lilpip Posts: 31
Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice, dont know if this makes any difference but I had been feeling movement from very early on, and also have been getting b.hicks for the last 8-10 weeks. Along with the regular aches and pains that comes with pregnancy but Lately Ive started getting very sharp stabbing pains down below :-8 which are very sore (along with more regular bh) My sister got these pains a week before she gave birth but Im aware that everyone is different, and so is every pregnancy. Theres is no regularity to these pains, just get the odd one every day or second day. Spent a bit of time with Dr.Google...and some people are saying its dialation! now I know that can happen for weeks before birth. My Job involves me standing for 8 hours a day, and Ive read im at risk of preterm labour because of that, but I just wanted to see if anyone else was getting these pains also and are they commen? Thanks girls :)
gopro Posts: 1801
i had pains like you described from week 31 to 34. its almost like someonme is puling a string inside your vagina and pulling down
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
yep i had these too & there's a name for them, can't remember it now but i'll find out & post it again :wv
gottabfp Posts: 5641
Has Baba turned, once head is down that area i get like an electric shock pain... sorry cant describe it much better.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I get these pains - and as Gottabfp says - the baby's position triggers it off = I get short stabbing pains from time to time and i know its how the baby is lying - - its either low down or kicks to my ribs - (also a sharp pain) - but luckily baby moves around a lot so it doesn't last forever - but the pain gives me a little electric shock at times!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I had them too - for me I think it was her head pressing down! I'm almost certain I can pinpoint when her head went down as I felt like electric shocks going through me!!
lush11 Posts: 2877
Yep, I had them. Shooting pains in what felt like my cervix. Only when I was up and walking
lilpip Posts: 31
Thanks a million for all the replies ladies :) put my mind at rest knowing its normal. Thanks again :wv :wv