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Boo Posts: 136
Hi girls Following on from the "are you a dog or cat person" thread I felt that there are a lot of dog and cat loving gals among us WOL'ers so I was wondering if you would just give two seconds of your time to do the following please... Please go to and sign the petition to outlaw the us of dogs and cats for the fur industry, the pictures are fairly graphic so be warned... but its worthy cause and its gaining momentum....what happens to these guys is dispicable, skinned alive and tortured before they are killed for their fur...and alot of these doggies have collars on which means they were once someones beloved pet... :twisted: I'll end on this...I know its a different country in China and its not something that directly affects our own lives....but just imagine if it was your pet dog in those pictures.... Thanks so much for yere time Boo xx
clucky Posts: 26471
Done jesus if I ever met anyone who wore a coat made from dog or cat I'd skin them!!
SarahS Posts: 550
Well done Boo for highlighting this. Absolutely sickening but unfortunately a reality. When you have the likes of that J Lo and her big fat ass wrapped up in fur it would make your blood boil, it isn't as if she hasn't enough clothes. Like you Lucky if I ever met someone wearing fur, I think I'd be in court for GBH. Sarah
BlushingB Posts: 1634
A lot of people who wear fur may not realise but some of it may be cat or dog. Obviously larger items, such as fur coats are usually quite obviously made from one animal or another, but smaller items aren't subject to the same standards and tests. That scarf you have with a fur trim, the boots with fur detail, the little toy kitten in a basket that's sitting on your desk, the lining of gloves. It could be cat fur or dog fur. These smaller items are easier to smuggle, easier to label falsely and easier to disguise as other kinds of fur. So, let's all do our bit for our furry friends.
Boo Posts: 136
Thanks girls for responding, even if only a handful of people log on and sign the petition its a good thing! Yere all as good x
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Hi Boo I have signed the petition, couldnt look at any of the photos as I would get upset, Hopefully more people will sign it
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Done - just signed the peititon and am going to post the letter off when I get a stamp this evening. Thanks as I didn't know cats and dogs were also used for fur. I have now emailed all my 'pet' loving friends with your info above so hopefully get more signatures and letters sent.
mrs august05 Posts: 949
i signed it
Boo Posts: 136
Cheers girls yere all so good I totally know where you are coming from Miss Hopeful I was bawling at my computer when I saw the pics so your prob better off not to look. Its really hard to belive that this is happening to Mans best friend :twisted: Thanks so much Tedsters for writing letter too it will make a difference. Love the avatar by the way its sooo cute! Its really appreciated Thanks Boo xx
Tedsters Posts: 1688
I still feel sick after reading that website and I can imagine the animals screaming.