Dog not behaving when hubby not around

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Daisy Row Posts: 3650
In general our dog pays more attention to hubby and sees him as the alpha which is all well and good when hubby is around. Hubby has just left for 6 months and on night one the dog decides he is going to wake up at 5am and whine and bark for attention. In the first instance I gave him the benefit of the doubt and came downstairs to let him out for a pee but 10mins after I got back into the bed he started up again and continued for 2hrs solid till I eventually let him out for good. He sleeps in a crate in the kitchen and I could here him pacing and going around in circles in it so he just was not settling. I can't do this for 6 months, anyone got any ideas?? He is a doberman so very clingy and whiny in general unless of course he's getting your full attention 24/7 which unfortunately is just not possible. He has the same routine daily whether hubby here or not but for someone reason he won't sleep through the night when hubby not here. This isn't the first time this has happened so am now worried I have to put up with it for 6 months and with a new baby on the way I don't know what to do.
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
OP... Ok firstly don’t panic this is easily fixable… I remember you posted about this a few months back do you mind if I ask what you guys did to address this last time? I mean this in a nice way but the whole “alpha male” theory is long proven incorrect etc… so please don’t let this theory reflect how you are with your dog. :thnk Dogs will usually have “one favourite owner” but that has nothing to do with the alpha theory it’s just usually down to which owner spends most time with the animal, who is most affectionate etc. Ok so how old is your dog? Now I know your due a baby soon (massive congrats) and I know walking a dog isn’t easy but how often if he walked? Do you spend any time with the dog with your husband? As in do you “bond” with him when your husband is not around? Not just look after him ie feed him etc. but cuddle him spend proper time with him, do you reward him give him treats, do “paw”, “sit” etc.? :wv Reason I ask is my cocker “adores” me. Like used to be quite upset when I left the house even though my hubby was around etc. reason is while my hubby “looked after” him ie feed, him, walked him etc., he never really bonded with him, cuddled him etc.. the reason is my hubby always had “outdoor” dogs not family pets, thank god that soon changed but over the last few years they have developed a very strong bond and my cocker now adores us both equally. – hope this makes sense. Do you like him? Forgive me if im incorrect but from your post I get the feeling he is your hubbys dog and you just feed him / look after him etc. but it doesn’t sound like you actually like him as your pet? (forgive if I’ve taken it up wrong) but dogs can sense if someone isn’t keen on them and this will also cause issues. As far as your dog is concerned there has a been a change in his routine (as in your hubby is no absent), this causes stress for a lot of dogs, its normal, his owner (in his eyes) has left him and he is upset. You can try some rescue remedy for dogs (you can get this is any health food store) – this will help take the edge off it for him. He misses his owner and its causing him stress he’s probably confused too…. :hic You mentioned he is whingey and clingy this is a sign of Separation anxiety in a dog – he is not doing it on purpose… the rescue remedy will also help him relax a little which will in turn help him be comfortable on his own. Does he have any toys / teddies when he’s alone to keep him occupied? Here’s some things that will help… ... ch-flower/ ... -dogs.html ... ong/139215 ... ence_games Hope this helps somewhat. :wv :wv :wv
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Agree with what Sara said. Our dog behaves better for me but I'm stricter with him so he knows not to try it on. Any change in routine and we have crying during night. We moved furniture in kitchen last week and he was so upset! Moved the couch he sleeps on from one part of room to another and took him about 3 nights to settle! We ignore the crying at night and he generally stops once he cops it's getting him no where.
barkingmadtraining125 Posts: 1
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