Dog's behavious after grooming...UPDATE

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Sheesh Posts: 1129
I got Ralph groomed today, and he looks great. This is his 2nd time going to the local groomer. Thing is,his behaviour today was totally out of the ordinary. He was very subdued when i brought him home, when I went to pet him he jumped away from me. He was practically sleeping standing up and wasn't able to take himself in from the car when normally he is jumping all over the place. I have a strange feeling she might have given him something. H2b agreed when I said this,when normally hw is trying to make things seem better and reassuring me. i am so upset. He is getting back to normal now, but it has taken 5 hours for him to get back to his regular state. I understand that getting groomed can take a lot out of dogs, but this wasn't just tiredness. I know when my dog is tired and he wasn't just tired. He looked drunk. I will be ringing tomorrow to find out if he was given anything. Surely if he was given something I should have been asked first? If my instincts are right,there will be hell to pay. I'll be getting to onto my solicitor,which might seem like an over reaction but I what I want to know is am I right in thinking that she should ask for permission first?
MrsAC Posts: 1190
I get my dog groomed all the time and he comes back just as hyper as i left him. But i think you might be jump to a conclusion to quickly coz i have never heard of dog groomers other than vets giving dog sumthing to sedated them sure they wouldn't have the equipment to monitor them. are you sure he's not just off from the shock of it all , coz if he doesn't get done that often then he wouldn't be use to it.
1210 Posts: 203
Oh my god, just reading this and worrying about what if the same happened to me. You just trust them to look after the little mites when you leave them. I would hope to god she didn't do anything to him. :o( :o(
Sheesh Posts: 1129
i have heard of groomers giving dogs something to groom them, I'm not sure what but a neighbour of my parents stopped bringing her dog to someone as she was giving the dog a relaxant before grooming him so I knnow it does happen. I understand what you are saying about him being a bit off, but tis is strange. His eyes were closing while he was standing up, and when I went to pet him he cowered away. I called him and he jumped with fright which is strange cos he is usually hyper with excitement! He gets groomed every 5 weeks since he was 6 months old,he's now 12 months old, it's his 2nd time with this groomer.
MrsAC Posts: 1190
Jesus irs very odd alright , as i said i have heard when vets groom them they sedate them as its easier but never a dog groomer !! any chance he was attacked by another dog up ther and they didn't tell ya , that could put ther little bodies into shock
1210 Posts: 203
Jesus, that's unbelievable. Can they do that, I would shudder to think that they can.
Littlebo Posts: 2598
Oh I am raging here! How dare they? They are not qualified to do this and it is harmful and needless! I am sorry but I would not stand for this...the poor Dog...if this is what it turns out to be. Let us know how you get on. Scandalous!
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
That sounds exactly like he was given something >:o( Did you sign anything when leaving the dog? If you did it's possible that it had something in it that would cover the groomer to give something without asking you directly. I would ring and ask, but they may tell you no and without having brought them to the vets afterwards you may not be able to tell, although you could ring the vet and ask them could it be tested for. I would certainly not use that groomer again. Generally a groomer that uses a sedative will have used ACP, this is a really bad drug for this as it means the dog is unable to react to what is going on, but is fully aware and can leave them with a fear of being groomed afterwards. Find yourself another groomer in future, preferably one that has been recommended by other dog owners, but also tell them what happened before so they are aware the dog may be a bit freaked out.
Sheesh Posts: 1129
I had a huge reply written but it disappeared!!!He was off his ffod and everything which isn't like him. It had crossed my mind that he might have been attacked but wurely she would have told me and tbh his behaviour didn't make me think he was attacked. My poor dog. He is still asleep and doesn't seem to want to go out when normally he's mad for a run around! I didn't sign anything as i am aware that there could be something in these forms that allow them to give things to the dog. His behaviour has been the same the 2 times he has been to this groomer. It does point to him being given something so I be going to the vet tomorrow. Definitely a new groomer. I will be doing a course myself in grooming next year so I'll be doing him myself then and will know exactly what's going into him at all times!
Elle Driver Posts: 508
It really does sound like your dog was given a sedative. There was a case of it with a groomer near us a few years ago and she was found out. Our vet gave us a very small dose of doggy valium to give my Mum's dog as she had to go on a journey and used to get nervous in the car. She slept all through the journey, and like that wasn't bothered with her food, but was back to herself the next day. I would be very angry at anyone giving my dog medication without my consent.