doggy doo!!

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dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i sat into car today and after about 30secs i was like 'what is the smell??' then realised it was dog SH*T!! all over the mat and my shoe!! and when i went back home to clean shoe and chuck mat in garden, i realised the dog had done the sh*t right outside the small entrance to our home!! WHO DOES THAT?? who lets dog poo on a footpath, in front of someones only route into and out of house so no doubt will stand in it and who doesnt effing clean it up!!????? why are some dog owners so effing careless!!?? it beggars belief that ppl are so gross!! and then i went to petrol station and spilled petrol on flip flops and foot!!
lucie lu Posts: 760
I would have cried, you poor thing! Dog poo smell is horrible!!! This happened my sister where she lives, except it was her wee girl who had stepped in it. She didn't realise until it was all over the carpet in the house, she picked her up and it went all over her clothes too, yuck yuck yuck! Shoes are taken off at the door now!
mobmar Posts: 642
This must be a nightmare for wheelchair users. It would be all over their hands. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOGGIES.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Yuck, that is sick.... Never thought about poor wheelchair users. Nightmare.
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
ah yuck! O:| It's a nuisance on paths while wheeling the buggy too.
mamajen Posts: 2263
Happened to me too, my father in law stepped in it and brought it all into the house! Have no problem picking up my own dogs poo but made me sick to be out there picking someone else's dog poo from outside my house. There is a little path leading up to our front door and the poo was about half way up this path, so I have to hope it was a loose dog (have never seen any around our estate though), otherwise someone let their dog walk up my path, poo in front of my door and walked off and left it!
Fairywings Posts: 360
This drives me NUTS. I was putting my 2 kids into the car heading to childminders one morning when this local man was stopped outside my front door with his dog. I was wondering what he was doing, but as I was busy strapping the kids into the car seat I didn't stop to look. Anyway sure enough on my way back into the house to get my handbag, there it was, dog poo, bout 1ft from my front gate....I was bloody livid. Now this man walks his dog all the time, he is elderly and not all with it I think (im not being mean) but I cldn't help it, elderly or not, i roared after him but he didnt' hear me even though he was only bout 10 feet away from me. I have a very bad stomach for that kind of thing so had to leave it for my husband to clean up ltr that evening. I mean come on, who the heck lets their dog poo right outside someones gate especially when they can clearly see there are kids coming in and out of the house. O:|
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
Oh I hate hate hate dog poo!! I have a fairly funny story about the MIL (again!) and dog poo. Out the back of where she lives is a laneway where people always walk their dogs. She was getting fed up of all the sh*te out the back so she (artistically!) made a very nice, polite sign saying: 'Please pick up your dog poo, thanks' to hang in the laneway. It looked smashing and she was so happy with herself. She walked back into the house, only to walk dog sh*te all over her good cream carpet!! Oh how we laughed!....She, however, cried!
black pearl Posts: 3513
i hate the smell of dog poo, i have a dog and always clean up after him and it annoys me then to see dog poop all over the footpaths etc etc. i feel like why do i bother when nobody else does, they need instant fines for not picking up dog poop.