Dogs, too dirty for new born?

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sumjul08 Posts: 107
Hi Girls, I know this sounds silly but we have a labrador and she's 1 and a half, we've had her since she was 10 wks old. I've never been much of a dog lover but I do love her dearly, the only problem I have is the extra work needed to keep the house clean with her. Just the dog hairs and mud from her paws when she comes in in the evenings drive me insane. I am very house proud and spend alot of time cleaning the house but lately I'm worrying about how hygenic it is to have a new born around dogs? I'm 29 wks now and I just can't stop worrying about when the baby is a little older and crawling on the floor with all the dog hairs and germs on the floor. Personally I feel that no matter how much I hoover and wash the floors, you can never be rid of all the hairs,no matter how hard I try and believe me I hoover and wash the floors every single day. I know it sounds so selfish but I can't help it and I'm starting to resent the dog and then I feel guilty because she is such a good dog. Does anyone else feel the same?
2to3 Posts: 182
Hey there In very much the same position as you - have a 1 1/2 year old, extremely playful and frisky lab cross dog - who we both adore. I have the same issue with her paws and her hair - am constantly hoovering and quite worried about what is going to happen when baby arrives. I think for the moment that the Den part of our house - where I will mostly be with the baby will become off limits for the dog for a while - especially when baby is very new and stuff. Not sure how I am going to tackle the situation once the child is crawling but will play it by ear. I have to say I do LOVE the thoughts of our child growing up with a dog though - think its very good for them.
Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi, yah, kinda in the same position as you there.. except we have a hare living with us! We adore her but she's a lot of work!! We take her out every morning before going to work and every evening when we come home, she lives in the dining room and she can go into the kitchen from there if she wants, but she needs a good bit of cleaning up after her! Worse offenders are the pellets (which are small, hard and dry thankfully so can just be brushed up) but the room needs to be swept all the time during the day. She has a litter tray but if she gets a fright (she's blind) she will go on the floor so the mop+bucket+bleach are always at the ready.. She's very curious and nibbles at everything around her so nothing is safe.. only yesterday she climbed onto a vase and made a mess digging all the earth out! On top of all this she never learned how to drink on her own so i have to give her a bottle of milk every morning before i go to work to keep her hydrated.. I don't know what's going to be like with a newborn at home! We love her to bits but she's a lot of work, i suppose we just have to get into a routine once the baby comes, but we're going to keep her, there's no way she's leaving us! There is a lot of road work around where we live as they're extending the railways and cutting trees to make car parks out of large areas, and all the hares are being forced away from the land, and nearly everyday I see a dead one on the road :o( this makes me want to keep her even more :lvs to keep her safe from all those dangers. We have invested on a dyson recently, the 'animal' model, seems great at lifting dirt out of carpets etc so hopefully that'll help keeping the house cleaner.
Martiespride Posts: 997
we grew up with dogs and they were in and out of the house, i didnt get asthma or never attacked. we would love to get a dog now but will be selling our house when things pick up so cant get one.
Shannan Posts: 1334
While you are obviously not going to be having the baby rolling around in dog hair and the likes remember that having a bit of dirt around is good for babies and children and their developing immune systems. If they are too protected from ever possibly coming into contact with any kind of dirt they do develop allergies, ever wondered why more kids than ever seem to have asthma and skin problems. When we were kids we grew up around dogs, cats, hens, cows, horses and we were all very strong, never anything wrong with us bar the usual measles etc. I think I only ever met one kid with asthma and it was considered unusual. As I got older there were a few more, but they mostly seemed to be from the families with the immaculately clean houses. Anyway, set aside out of bound areas for you and the baby and operate common sense in the rest of the house and all will be fine. Obviously baby should never, ever be left alone with the dog.
babybuzz Posts: 474
ive 2 dogs and theres no way im getting rid of them, they were my first babies. when i was born my family got a dog 2 weeks after i was born and i grew up with him and it didnt do me any harm. its molting season at the minute so by june (when im due) it will be over so hoping there wont be that much dog hair around, but your baby wont build up any imune system at all if there's no dirt around - well thats what im thinking and im sticking to it :o0
frangipani Posts: 1543
i've thought about this too, our dog will be 2 when the baby arrives. thankfully, he doesn't shed, but he does require maintenance. I agree with Shannan, that while you want to keep the place clean with a baby around, a bit if dirt is good for developing a child's immunity to sicknesses etc. i'll definitely be restricting the dog's access to certain rooms though. TBH i think i'll have to be keeping an eye out for the dog when the baby becomes a toddler and starts manhandling him!
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
No not at all, the reasons children are sick more often these days is because people go overboard and wrap them up in cotton wool!! We have 2 border collies and there is no way there are going to be secluded when babs arrives, I have an 18mts old nephew who pulls, drags and plays with them and they love it!! Nephew in question I could count on the 1 hand how many times he's been anyway sick since he was born, he has a dog at home too! They are brilliant with children and are certainly not dirty!! Probably the worst thing you can do is push the dog out when baby comes, dog will become jealous of child and theres where your problems will arise!! By introducing the dogs and the baby slowly to each other you will have a child who isnt fearful of dogs and a dog who has no problem with children. It obviously goes without saying that you would never leave a dog and child unattented at anytime, but the reason Id say that is you never know what a child will do and how the dog will react!! Also, we are constantly hoovering and mopping kitchen tiles and wooden floors, but pet or no pet this will have to be done regardless when there is a baby in the house and especially on the floors!!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
We have a dog and he was always in and out of the house especially at night when DH was away and I was pg..However we also live on a farm and i was worried that he could bring things into the house so about a month before DD arrived he was gradually not allowed into the house and into the garage. Now DD1 is nearly 3 and dd2 17mths and he does come in and out the odd time but for the most part he is outside and sleeps in garage. I am happier with this as even though he is the most placid dog in the world and I would bet he would never ever harm them, at the end of the day he is still a dog.. One tip I will give ye is when you do have your baby let your sh bring home a babygro that your new baby has slept in to get your dog used to the smell of the new baby. Dogs are very protective but if they have smelt the new baby for a day or so before baby arrives it will be easier..
Emomc Posts: 2069
You can also be proactive now in an attempt to decrease the dog hairs. Unfortunatley labs are one of the worst breeds for moulting but go into your local pet shop and ask them if the they have anti moult oil. The brand I use is by Vitapet. You just put a spoonful of oil or two (depends on weight of dog) into their food daily. After a few weeks you will notice a difference and while it wont stop moulting completely it will slow down. You need to keep this up as I know people who just give them the one bottlle, then run out and cant believe the difference when their dog is off the oil. I know the weather has been lousy recently and as a dog owner myself I know its hard to keep floors clean. I keep an old towel in the utility room and dry off my dogs paws when she comes in if they are wet. My dog is an Irish Setter so she is also a big dog. This has now become part of here routine when I take her in and she is happy to have this done. Hopefully Summer will bring an end to this :o0 You have to rem your lab is still a puppy until he reaches 2 years, so its natural he will bound around the house if he is let in muddy paws-so try and ensure he does not get too far before you dry him off. I am a huge dog lover and believe they are great to have around kids. So while I am saying I know this is worrying and stressing you at times but please give your dog another chance and work with he/she a little on his bad habits now before baby comes. Hope this helps :wv