Domino scheme at NMH

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Jenron Posts: 259
Hi Ladies, looking for any thoughts you might have on the domino scheme in Holles street, did you find it good? would you recommend ? Thanks.
Happytimes15 Posts: 14
Hi Jenron, I have 2 friends who were on the Domino Scheme in NMH and they had only good things to say about it. They both found it fantastic and would recommend to do it again. I haven't done it myself but there is also another option to consider that I did which is Midwives led care. Its very similar to the Domino Scheme apart from you will have different midwives at the birth and you can stay in the hospital after the birth (if you want to). You go to the midwives for your check ups in local clinics, this is one of the best features I found as its a much more personal experience, they have more time to spend with you, dont have the long waits in the hospitals etc. Again its all a personal choice, best of luck in your decision!
Greece Posts: 1800
Hi Happytimes - Id be interested in this mid wife led care. I dont think I was eligible for the Domino scheme last time as I am based northside so i wasn't in the catchment are or something, cant quite remember - is it the same for the one you are in?
Happytimes15 Posts: 14
Sorry Greece not sure what your question is?